How to Fix: iPhone 6s Touch Screen Periodically Unresponsive

June 6, 2017


One way or another, this iPhone problem can be solved!

Sit down, and relax, welcome to the wide world of iPhone (any phone really) repair. Things that work for one phone, may not work on another, logic is usually absent when these things are concerned. Should a screen lock up the entire phone, of course not. Could it, you bet your bottom dollar it can.

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iPhone 6S Touch Screen Periodically Unresponsive

Look at it this way, the phone sustained damage to some level enough to cause your screen to go bad. The screen has been fixed, but now it’s got issues it didn’t have happen before the incident, right? So, the next question is, are your current issues the cause of a faulty replacement screen, or did the incident cause another more serious issue. Before you jump to any conclusion , try these common bug fix’s:

Quick iPhone 6S touch screen fix’s

  1. Hard reset your device: Hold down power and home button simultaneously for 20 seconds. The device will turn off and on – just keep holding.
  2. Restore your device through iTunes. You will need to make sure you have a backup of your data before doing this. This will re-install a fresh and most up to date operating system on your device. After Plugging your device into iTunes click the ‘Backup and Restore button in your iTunes dashboard.
  3. If your device has been dropped in the past its likely either the touch i.C chip on the logic board or the digitizer. If its the digitizer playing up this is a quick fix from you local iPhone repair technician. Otherwise your iPhone 6S will need some micro-soldering.

Time to call your iPhone technician

The best and easiest option right now is to try a new screen. This will either confirm or eliminate the screen as the failure point. If it’s not the screen, I’m sorry to say it will likely be damage to the mainboard or failing touch i.c components on the main board.

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