3 Ways to Protect your iPad Pro 11’’ Screen

September 12, 2021


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iPad Pro 11"

The third generation of the popular iPad Pro tablets has brought us iPad Pro 11’’. This device is the successor of the 10.5-inch model from the second generation. Introduced in 2018, this model has become an instant hit among iPad fans. Some of the features that you can find in iPad Pro 11’’ are Face ID, powerful Bionic processors, enhanced 12MP camera, USB-C connector and more. There are many things that users like about iPad Pro 11’’ like the brand new edge-to-edge display which is based on liquid retina technology. This display supports tap-to-wake feature which makes it the first tablet with a feature like that.

iPad Pro 11’’ Screen Repairs

So, there is no doubt that iPad Pro 11’’ is a great device, but just like any electronic device, be it modern or old, expensive or cheap, it can be damaged. The screen of this device is at great risk because this is the most exposed and most used of the tablet and it’s also the most fragile part. Even though the screen comes with protection, this protection can’t prevent damages from sudden drops or heavy impacts.
When people break or damage their iPad Pro 11’’ screens, they are looking for a good repair center
where qualified technicians can fix the problem, usually by replacing the screen. With the right repair service provider, this procedure won’t cost you much, but why pay for iPad Pro 11’’ screen repairs when you can prevent accidents like this?

How to protect your iPad Pro 11’’ screen

Although there are many different ways to protect your iPad Pro 11’’ screen we will focus on three of them which have proven to be effective. By using these methods, you should be able to minimize the risk of damaging your tablet’s screen.

Screen Protector For iPad Pro

1. Glass screen protectors

There are many different types of screen protectors on the market which work well on iPad Pro 11’’. In the past, most of these screen protectors were made of plastic. However, new technology has allowed manufacturers to create tempered glass screen protectors. This is a very popular kind of screen protector today. For some users, it doesn’t make sense to add another glass over their existing screen, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation why you should consider doing this. While it’s true that the iPad Pro 11’’ comes with a glass layer that serves as a protector, it’s also true that if that glass gets broken, you will have to pay a relatively high price to replace it. On the other hand, tempered glass screen protectors are relatively cheap.

So, if you break the protector, you will pay a fraction of the cost of the original glass layer on your iPad Pro 11’’. Keep in mind that in most cases, you won’t be able to notice any differences in the way you are using your device. Users are still able to control their tablet smoothly and you get extra protection for situations when you can drop your device accidentally or when you are accidentally scratching the surface of the screen.

Of course, you should remember that there are some cons to using these protectors. For instance,
depending on the model of protector you have selected, the protector may become visible. This means that you should look for a thin protector which provides the same level of protection. We must mention that plastic screen protectors are usually thinner. In any case, you should spend some time analyzing the protectors created by different manufacturers and get a quality protector. In addition, don’t forget that even with a glass screen protector, you should be careful when using your device.

ipad cover for protection

2. Flip cover

This is another effective and elegant solution. It’s a cover which protects the entire tablet, not just the screen. What’s make it better than the screen protector is that it makes the iPad Pro 11’’ look more elegant and attractive. Of course, a flip cover will change the appearance of your device and some people may find that unattractive. Additionally, if you are considering this option, get prepared for a short period of adjustment.

3. Don’t leave your tablet unattended

Finally, there are many situations when people are negligent and leave their devices in places where the tablet is at risk all the time. If you are using the iPad Pro 11’’ at home or in your office, find the safest place where you can put the tablet when you are not using it. Even if you are in a new place, try to figure out which place is the safest. This is a spot which can’t be accessed by pets or children.
As you can see, there are many ways to avoid iPad Pro 11’’ screen repairs and it’s up to you to use
some or all of them.



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