Is your iPhone Tempered glass protector cracked or lifting? Time to replace it!


When a tempered glass protector is cracked then it is no longer useful. It has taken one too many hits to avoid damaging your iPhone or iPad’s screen. Essentially, when tempered glass is cracked, your best option is to replace it or risk damaging your actual screen.

Here are some steps to replace the screen protector to keep your devices screen can stay protected.

Lets remove the old iPhone screen protector

The task of removing the old screen protector can be done in a couple of different ways. Whichever method you choose is entirely up to you. The process is usually straightforward, but if you want to ensure that you won’t scratch/damage your screen, or cause a mess of broken tempered glass, then take a look at the steps below.

Method A

The straightforward, simple solution is to attempt to remove the screen protector with your fingers. Get your fingernail under there!

  1. Slide your nail underneath and try to pry up the screen protector from any corner. Some corners are easier to get underneath than others.
  2. After it has begun lifting, slip your fingertip underneath the tempered glass to maintain a gap between it and the phone screen.
  3. Take your time, and when the opposite corner of the one you have already lifted starts to lift, grip hold of it and lift the whole tempered glass sheet off in one smooth motion. Ripping a protector off with force can cause it to shatter and create a mess.


Method B

Apply some tape and save yourself chipping a nail!

  1. Get either some standard sellotape or some household duct tape and reposition the tape back on itself to create a double sided effect.
  2. Pick any corner of the tempered glass and apply the tape to it. All being well, the tape will stick to the screen protector allowing you to start lifting it and removing the whole thing in one smooth motion.


Time to install your brand-spanking new iPhone tempered glass!

It is understandable that you could forget the methods of applying tempered glass to a screen as you may not have done it in a while. Ideally we want screen protectors to last us a long time so it’s a good sign if you have forgotten the steps.

Our main aim is to have a clean iPhone or iPad screen with no moisture, residue, dust, dirt, or fibers on the glass. You would be surprised at how easy these things are to miss. You will also be surprised at how all of these things can create large ugly air bubbles underneath the tempered glass. So take time to get it cleaned right. We recommend using a clean microfiber cloth.

The most common type of screen protectors used are known as dry mounted. The majority of screen protectors are supplied with a microfiber cloth and the adhesive side of the tempered glass is covered by a protective plastic film to prevent dust or fibers sticking to it.

  1. Clean your phone’s screen with the aforementioned microfiber cloth if you were supplied with one. If not, you can pick these up in any supermarket or ebay for cheap.
  2. Lift the screen protector and remove the plastic film on the adhesive side by peeling it off.
  3. Using a birds eye view, align the tempered glass with your devices screen, ensure not to cover the Home button, as well as the front facing camera. For iPhones, be sure not to cover the earpiece either.
  4. Pick a side to start applying the screen protector to, and use your fingers or a plastic card (such as a bank card or gift card) to apply pressure on both corners and move along the screen applying pressure all the way up to the opposite side.
  5. If you are left with any air bubbles behind the tempered glass, you can use your fingers or a credit card to apply pressure and squeeze them out of the sides.
  6. Finally you can remove the second plastic film on the front side of the screen protector which will leave the tempered glass with a nice shiny finish.

Hopefully this article will help you in some way. It is important to remember that any cracks in the tempered glass, even if minor, will only get worse with time and your phone screen will not be properly protected.

ScreenFixed will apply a screen protector for you, beginning at the low cost of $15!

You can also try out our lifetime guarantee! For a one-off payment of $29 we will apply a tempered glass screen protector to your device, and if it ever breaks come back for another one. Again, and again, and again. Ask for details in store.


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