iPhone 6 Fingerprint Reader Not Working – How to Fix

June 7, 2017


Touch ID not working on your iPhone 6? Here’s how to fix it.

One of the new great features of the iPhone 6 series is the Touch ID. It makes unlocking the phone and purchasing things much easier and faster. So when this feature doesn’t work, one can get annoyed quickly.

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iPhone 6 Fingerprint Reader Not Working

Here are a few tips that could help resolve this issue before you go back to the Apple store for help:

Clean your fingers and/or the touch pad

Any kind of moistures, lotions, dirt, grease, or even dry skin can affect the sensor to the point where it won’t recognize your fingerprint. Be certain none of these factors are affecting your attempts.

Reposition your finger on the touch pad

There is a specific orientation that your finger was in when the fingerprint was registered. Reposition your finger to the top or bottom of the pad in order to get your finger in the correct position.

Remove your case and retry

Some cases just don’t have the right opening for the Home button. As a result, they may force you to position your finger in a way that is different than when you first registered your fingerprint. Try removing the case and trying again just to be certain.

Turn the ‘Touch ID’ feature off and then back on

Just as with some apps, features can get a little buggy as well. Resetting the feature/app by disabling and enabling may clear up any possible errors it experienced that may have cause it to fail to recognize your fingerprint.

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