Screen Fix Two Year Warranty

All devices repaired by Screen Fix are covered by a two year warranty


Our warranty will cover malfunctioning parts of which were repaired by our experienced technicians.

Warranty is exclusive to the parts and/or service that Screen Fix customers acquire, warranty is exclusive to the parts used to repair the customers’ device.

Labour costs associated with the repair will also be covered by the warranty. Moreover, should any of the below
scenarios play out then the warranty will be voided.

Warranty Will Be Voided If…

Once the repair has been delivered by Screen Fix, The warranty will be invalid should any of the following occur:

Data loss as a result of the repair— we always advise customers to back up there device prior to being repaired.

Water damage

If the device sustains a drop (purposeful/accidental)

Software issues that are related to the repair.

Device is jail broken.

Exterior damage: cracked, bent, dented or twisted.

Device being exposed to extreme temperatures.

The warranty is valid exclusively to the customer who purchased the repair and whose name is on the warranty/invoice, the warranty will not be transferable if the devices ownership is distributed to another individual.

‘DIY Repair Kits’ Warranty Coverage

All DIY repair kits sold by Screen Fix Brisbane come with a 12 month warranty.

Repair kits come with a seal of approval, once this seal of approval is removed the warranty will be voided.

The warranty starts the date which the product is sold to the customer. Should the repair be performed by one of Screen Fix Brisbane’s or an apple/Samsung certified repairer, then the warranty will hold. Moreover, should the repair be performed by an un-recognized technician, be it individual that purchased the kit then the warranty will not hold.

Screen Fix Brisbane will not be liable for the following:

Damage caused to the device when third party or the buyer installs the part.

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