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  1. The terms and conditions (T&Cs) that you will read about concern the relationship the Customer and Screen Fixed, in terms of how services are provided. The Customer agrees that they will be bound by the T&Cs when using our services. DEFINITIONS
    1. BER (Beyond Economical Repair) pertains to a device whose repairs’ cost exceeds its full replacement with an identical device.
    2. The customer is the person that purports to use the services of Screen Fixed, including the services of third parties that the customer has authorized to act, both explicitly or implicitly.
    3. A faulty part is a part that doesn’t work properly or is deemed as faulty by Screen Fixed and its service providers.
    4. Screen Fixed pertains to the company Screen Care Pty Ltd.
    5. Personal information pertains to the information that the user willingly provides to Screen Fixed, which information is considered confidential, based on the content and the manner of disclosure. This excludes:
    1. Public domain information or information that’s disclosed by a third party, excepting a breach of these T&Cs; and
    2. Information that has been developed in an independent way by a certain party.
    1. Services pertain to Screen Fixed repair services, alongside services that check repair status. This includes the services that Screen Fixed currently has on offer, alongside services that the company may start offering in the future.
    2. TAT is an abbreviation that stands for Turnaround time.
    1. Quotes for the services rendered are given upfront. However, Screen Fixed reserves its right to change and amend the quote depending on how the repair process unfolds.
    2. The inspection fees are $20 for mobile phones, $30 for tablet devices, and $50 for laptop devices, provided the given quote is rejected by the customer.
    3. Screen Fixed will charge an inspection fee for devices that the company’s technicians aren’t able to successfully repair. Alternatively, the customer may decide to hand the title of the device to Screen Fixed and thus waive the payment of this inspection fee.
    4. The customer may reject any quotes if there is a mistake in certain promotions or specials that have been listed on the official Screen Fixed website. In such a case, Screen Fixed will waive the fee for the service that would have been charged otherwise.
    1. Screen Fixed repairs mobile devices such as phones, tablets and others. Screen Fixed reserves its right to outright refuse a service request by a customer.
    2. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that a repair that has been done by Screen Fixed (a repair store that is not accredited by the manufacturer of the customer’s device., i.e., a third-party repairer):
    3. may void the warranty given by the manufacturer of the customer’s device; or
    4. may void the warranty support or service given by the manufacturer of the customer’s device; or
    5. may void any waterproof warranties that the manufacturer of the customer’s device has provided.
    6. The customer agrees and acknowledges that Screen Fixed may need to use the device brought by the customer and its sim card, with the purpose of making test calls. The calls will be made at the customer’s expense.
    7. In the event that Screen Fixed or any authorized representative of the company, finds that damage has been done to the device as a direct result of the repair process, then Screen Fixed, at its discretion, will either repair the damage that has been done, free of charge, give a replacement device to the customer, or reimburse the customer with the market value of the device in its condition when it was brought to Screen Fixed prior to the repairs. However, the customer agrees and acknowledges that:
    8. If the device has been tampered with or opened after the repairs (which will be determined by Screen Fixed);
    9. If the device has suffered any kind of impact or liquid damage – or any other problems at the core level when it was originally brought to Screen Fixed for repairs;
    1. if Screen Fixed is not able to repair the core fault of the device and an additional fault that’s related to the core fault comes out;
    2. if the device has been disassembled when it was originally brought to Screen Fixed for repairs; or
    3. if the customer brought the parts that they’d like Screen Fixed to use when repairing the device,
    then Screen Fixed shall not be deemed liable for any form of malfunctioning or damage done to the device.
    1. The customer agrees and acknowledges that the device that they’ve brought to Screen Fixed may have had other faults besides the ones that have been initially diagnosed. Screen Fixed takes no responsibility for any faults or damage that have been found subsequently and because of which the device starts malfunctioning in any way and stops working in the way it worked before it was originally brought to Screen Fixed for repairs.
    2. TAT (Turnaround time) is an approximation only. Screen Fixed will not be liable or deemed responsible for any damages or loss that have occurred for reasonable delays in turnaround time. The customer will be informed of any significant changes to the turnaround time. The TAT will vary and may be longer than what’s expected depending on a multitude of different factures, including and not limited to whether repair parts are available, the inherent complexity of the damage or faults, or any damage that may have been done to the device during the repairs. The TAT for warranty claims or any rework may be longer than the TAT for standard repairs.
    3. It may happen that repair parts are out of stock, incorrect or outright faulty. If this were to happen, Screen Fixed will advise the customer on the new TAT estimates for the repairs. Also, if this were to happen, the customer won’t automatically be rewarded with a discount or price reduction for the repairs.
    4. Certain parts that have been brought for repair may be replaced with refurbished or new parts of the same time – if repairs are unfeasible for any reason. The visible or cosmetic parts that are used in the repair process are always new when they have been purchased from the device’s manufacturer or the manufacturer’s authorized representatives. Depending on the availability of parts, Screen Fixed may use refurbished parts for repairs. Screen Fixed won’t ask the customer for approval when doing repairs with refurbished parts, unless it’s visually obvious that the parts are refurbished.
    5. Screen Fixed may issue a discount to certain customers regarding certain repair orders, at its discretion.
    1. Screen Fixed may decide, at its discretion, to give the customer a loan of equipment that the customer can use during the repair process, for free.
    2. Screen Fixed gives no guarantee whatsoever that the equipment that has been loaned to the customer will be similar or identical to the device that has been brought for repairs – or that equipment loans are available at any point in time.
    3. If the customer were to damage the loaned equipment, make any material changes to it, or lose it and not return it, then Screen Fixed will charge the customer a price for the loaned equipment’s replacement.
    1. Screen Fixed will take all the required precautions regarding the repair process, however, the company is not liable or responsible for the occurrence of data loss, including the loss of videos, photos, device settings etc. of the customer’s device. Screen Fixed recommends that all customers do a backup of the device’s data prior to bring it at Screen Fixed for repairs.
    2. If the customer doesn’t specifically ask that the data is backed up prior to the repairs, then Screen Fixed won’t automatically perform a backup of the device’s data. The request for a backup needs to be recorded on the Screen Fixed receipt in order to be valid.
    3. Screen Fixed will try to do a backup of the customer device’s data prior to making repairs, if we believe that there is a bigger risk that data loss will occur as the device is being repaired.
    4. If the customer has instructed Screen Fixed to perform a backup, then the customer also agrees that Screen Fixed cannot be held liable for any data loss that may occur, regardless. The device’s data is at the sole responsibility of the customer prior to and after the repairs at Screen Fixed.
    1. Screen Fixed takes any personal information that has been disclosed to us during the repair process as fully confidential. Screen Fixed won’t distribute this confidential information to third parties unless this is deemed to be in accordance with the requirements for the repair.
    2. Screen Fixed may require that the Customer give access to some personal information for the purpose of completing the repairs. 
    3. By giving the device to Screen Fixed for repairs, the Customer consents and acknowledges that the customer’s email address will be added to the Screen Fixed mailing list. Screen Fixed may send promotional emails to the Customer detailing any discounts or promotions, or it may send emails with any updates to the company’s terms and conditions. The customer retains the right to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any point in time.
    4. Screen Fixed may disclose personal information belonging to the customer if this is requested by law enforcement or if there is suspected criminal activity.
    1. Screen Fixed will deliver the device to the person who delivers a Screen Fixed receipt for the particular device, provided all the repair fees according to these T&Cs have been paid. Screen Fixed has no obligations in determining whether the person that claims the device is the bona fide owner, if the person delivers a Screen Fixed receipt for the device. Screen Fixed won’t be held liable or responsible in any way if the device is handed to a non-bona fide third party that has delivered a Screen Fixed original receipt.
    2. If the customer loses the original receipt for the device that undergoes repairs, Screen Fixed may find a reasonable way to determine the ownership of the device based on its discretion. If Screen Fixed determines a device’s title, then Screen Fixed won’t be held liable or responsible to the customer if it’s subsequently found that Screen Fixed has been defrauded or that an identification theft method has been performed.
    3. If a customer wants to have a third party to pick up a device, Screen Fixed may try and establish the identification of the third party with the goal to ensure that it’s authorized to claim the device by the customer using a reasonable method under its discretion. If Screen Fixed establishes the third-party identification, then Screen Fixed won’t be held liable or responsible to the customer if it’s subsequently found that Screen Fixed has been defrauded or that an identification theft method has been performed.
    4. The customer agrees and acknowledges that they forfeit the device to Screen Fixed and that the company has full right to recycle this device within 30 days if:
    1. the contact details that the customer has provided to Screen Fixed are incorrect; or
    2. after the repairs have been done and after advice has been given of repair costs, Screen Fixed doesn’t receive the fees required; or
    3. after Screen Fixed has given a quote for the service and the customer’s reply hasn’t been received; or
    4. after Screen Fixed has informed the customer that the customer’s device is beyond economical repair and if Screen Fixed doesn’t receive payments for the fees or no arrangement for the picking up of the device has been arranged.
    1. If the customer doesn’t contact Screen Fixed after Screen Fixed has attempted to contact the customer during the 30-day warranty period, this conduct of the customer will be counted as a forfeit of the device to Screen Fixed, in lieu of the service payment.
    1. The customer agrees that Screen Fixed won’t be held liable or responsible for any kind of damage that the device or the customer have suffered under these T&Cs. In no event will Screen Fixed be held liable and responsible for any punitive, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damage (including interruption or loss of business, profits, revenue, data, privacy, goodwill or other economic advantage) in whatever way it arises, regardless if it’s in tort or for breach of contract, even if the company has been advised that such damage may occur.
    2. The foregoing not being limited; Screen Fixed’s aggregate liability towards the customer will not exceed the device’s market value when it’s delivered to Screen Fixed for repairs. 
    3. The customer agrees and acknowledges that the service that Screen Fixed gives only extends to mobile device repair. Screen Fixed won’t be held liable for any kind of damage whatsoever that has been suffered as a result of the device having installed any third-party software or the operation and the installation of third-party apps and software. All customers’ claims regarding damage done by third-party software ought to be made under the relevant end user license agreements of the third-party software.
    1. These terms and conditions and all the documents that have been referred to herein, constitute the agreement in its entirety between Screen Fixed and the customer. This means that these T&Cs supersede any and every previous correspondence, discussions, arrangements, discussions, agreement or understanding between the parties regarding the services.
    2. The parties acknowledge that, by abiding to these terms and conditions, neither of the two parties will get to rely on and have any remedies for any warranty or representation that is not explicitly set out in these T&Cs.
    1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria, Australia and each party of the T&Cs submits to the courts’ jurisdiction of the State ofNew South Wales, Queensland & Victoria, Australia.
    Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website By visiting and using our site (or if you’re reproducing any information herein, etc.), you have implicitly agreed to the terms and conditions of use. If you don’t agree to the T&Cs, then please leave this website and change the URL on your web browser. Protection of Information Screen Fixed won’t be responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused by using the Screen Fixed website.

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