How to Clean my iPhone Charge Port

November 22, 2017


iPhone Charge Port dirty? Try these ticks to clean!

Smartphones are probably the most used and abused technology in recent memory. We carry them everywhere with us so they are stored in pants pockets, coat pockets, purses, belt holsters, armbands, and more. Wherever you carry your, more than likely, you eventually recognize the need to clean your device. Sure, getting a screen cleaner will do the trick for the screen but it is also very important to clean other ports. Probably the most important of the other holes and gaps in your phone is your Lightning Port. As the primary source of charging your iPhone as well as connecting to PCs, the cleanliness of the Lightning Port is often forgotten. Here’s how to clean this all important port with a toothpick of all things.

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How to Clean iPhone Charge Port with Alcohol

If your phone is still able to, make certain you connect your iPhone to your PC and back it up. Once complete, turn off your iPhone so that your cleaning doesn’t cause any errors or glitches.

iPhone 7 Charge Port Repair

Once you have your phone off and toothpick in hand, gently insert your toothpick into the Lighting Port on the bottom edge of your phone and softly move it around to lightly scrape any grime or lint tufts stuck in this port. Once complete, gently blow with an electronic duster (compressed air) to dislodge any other gunk from the port.

Cheap iPhone Charge Port Repair

When you are done, turn your phone back on and connect it to your charger or PC to assure the connection is good. This method can also be used on the headphone jack especially in moments when there are sound issues or when the phone is stuck in “headphone mode”. This method is also easily used on other smartphones and devices as the toothpick is strong enough to get the gunk out but not so hard as to scratch or damage the electronic connections.

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