iPhone Screen Lifting from Frame after Screen Replacement – How to Fix

September 14, 2017


iPhone 6 Screen Popped Out  – How to Fix & Repair

There is nothing worse that getting your iPhone repaired only to have another issue of iPhone screen lifting a short time after the repair is complete.  This is FIXABLE and generally caused by one of these three reasons:

iPhone 6 Problems

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iPhone 6 screen separating from body

Sometimes repair shops will use cheaply made screens and use hot glue rather than the required cold press glue which sets over days. Apple Glass is pressed into a the frame using cold-set glue which takes 2 days to set. In contrast aftermarket glass is pressed to an aftermarket frame using hot glue. Give this screen a few knocks and bumps or leave it in the sun to heat up then the frame will give way. Where possible we recommend users to pay a little extra and use a Screen Fixed certified Apple part.

If your phone has a bent frame and a new screen is installed, it is only a matter of time before the screen will pop out. Often times when people drop their phone, the damage caused is a bent frame.  A new frame or a frame straightening/bending at your local Screen Fixed store is required to prevent this from happening again. We’re pro’s at straightening your iPhone frame – we have a special jig.

A swollen battery can also cause iPhone screens to lift from the frame as well. This is a potentially dangerous situation as a swollen battery is damaged and could eventually explode or flash. If this is a regular occurrence, you may be using a cheap charger someplace. Cheap chargers do not have a limiter on them and will overcharge your battery causing it to swell. As a safety issue, this is a situation that can be repaired by your local Screen Fixed Repair Expert.

iPhone Screen Lifting After Repair

The ultimate solution for screen replacements and lifting screens is to do your research and select quality repair shops like Screen Fixed. Smart phones like iPhones are expensive and high quality devices that are made with high quality components. Attempting to replace or fix them with cheaply made after markets parts is a sure fire way to ensure future problems with your beloved device.

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