iPhone 6 Won’t Charge or Turn on – How To Fix

August 6, 2017


iPhone says it’s charging but wont turn on ? Try this! 

iPhone wont turn on

Restart iPhone

For most amateur IT professionals, the most common fix for issues on any computer has always been to restart the device. Sometimes a program can be stuck or could be causing another issue or bug to rear its ugly head to cause all types of frustration and confusion. Try restarting your iPhone first before going on to more intensive fixes.

Hold down your power button until the restart button comes up and then slide the bar over to initiate the restart.

For a more intense ‘hard’ reset (Don’t worry. This won’t delete data) Hold down the power and the home button until the Apple icon appears on the screen. This means the phone is restarting.

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iPhone 6 Charge Port Repair

Plugging your charger in but nothing happens? have to wriggle it around to get the charging icons to come up? Then its likely  a worn port socket. If this it the case you will need to have your lightening port flex connection replaced by your local iPhone repair shop. (We recommend Screen Fixed! For iPhone charge port Repair Brisbane Pricing).

Replace The USB Cable

So you’ve restarted your phone and it still won’t recharge. Here is where the real troubleshooting begins. Find another charge cable for your iPhone that you are certain works (maybe it is or was charging another Apple device). Try using this cable and see if the phone begins charging with it.

Replace The Wall Charger

If the cable change does not work, there is a chance that the wall charger itself is burnt out. Try using the wall charger with another Apple device. If that device doesn’t start charging either, then your wall charger is damaged. Purchase a new one (with a new cable as well just to be certain) and begin charging your iPhone.

Recover Your iPhone

If you’ve gotten a whole new charger and the phone still won’t charge, try using iTunes and recovering your iPhone. This process will basically bring the phone back to factory settings and delete all data to hopefully get rid of any software related bugs that may possibly prevent the phone from operating as designed.

To do this, hook your phone up to your PC and connect to it using iTunes. Once iTunes recognizes your phone, click on it. Then you should see a button that says ‘Restore iPhone’ next to ‘Check For Update’. Click that and allow the process to run. Once complete, you will need to re-download your desired apps and other info (pics and/or music) from your iCloud.

iPhone Battery Repair or Replacement 

The final fix for having charging issues with your iPhone is to simply purchase a new battery. This can cost upwards of $99 if repaired through Screen Fixed. It should also be noted that if you have AppleCare, your battery replacement is free. This would probably be a good opportunity to check at your local Apple store to see your options regarding this path.

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