How to Fix Low Volume on an iPhone Ear Speaker

December 4, 2017


iPhone 7 Camera IssuesiPhone Call Volume low ? Your iPhone ear piece speaker may be the problem!

Being the owner of an iPhone means you may encounter some issues along the way, and we have all felt that feeling of dread when our phones suddenly stop working the way they are supposed to. Luckily, not all issues mean being out of pocket and having to schedule your lunch break around a phone repair shops schedule. Some issues can be resolved by you. Yes, you.

iPhone Ear Piece ISSUES

A very common issue among iPhone users is that of low volume when taking a phone call. The other person may hear you clearly but their voice may sound low or faint to you. For this we have 3 main causes, which I will outline here along with solutions.

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 iPhone 6 – 7 Call Volume Low

This is a straightforward issue which is by far the most common. The iOS software has a built in function to turn the volume of a phone call up or down. If your call volume is too low, simply press the volume up button during a phone call to increase volume. You should then hear the other person clearly if that was the cause of the problem.

iPhone Ear Speaker Grill Dirty – How to Clean iPhone Ear Speaker Grill

It is possible that the grill which covers the ear piece has gotten clogged with dirt or mould. This is very common and is caused directly by everyday storage of our devices. Pockets, handbags, and even some phone cases cause the grill to collect fluff and grime. Our suggested fix is the get a pin or sim opening tool and gently scrape it along the grill. Be careful not to press too hard on the grill or to pierce it. Just move the pin along the surface to scrape off any fluff or dirt. This will hopefully solve the issue if dirt related.

iPhone Water Damage

Our final suggestion for what could be causing this issue is simple, your phone has taken water damage through the grill and permanently damaged the ear piece. In this scenario the only real solution is to get the ear piece replaced at a repair shop. Any reputable phone shop will also clean any dirt or fluff off of the grill too.

We hope one of these solutions worked for you! If you need your iPhone ear piece replaced, contact us for a quote and we can turn it around in 15 minutes!

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