iPhone microphone not working on iPhone 6, 6S and 7 – How to Fix

September 19, 2017


iPhone microphone not working but speaker does How to Fix!

So your iPhone microphone is not working? How infuriating. Probably one of the most infuriating is having problems with call quality. More specifically other people having problems hearing you on the other end. When your microphone isn’t working properly on a call and somehow manages to work fine in other apps (like voice memo, Skype, or even making videos), you can justifiably lose your mind. Just a reminder that the iPhone has more than one microphone. There’s one in the front, one in the rear, and one (for calls) at the bottom near the charge port. We’ll focus on the phone microphone issue. Oddly enough this problem is common for iPhone users. Here are some things you can do or try in order to resolve the problem:iPhone 7 mIc Problems

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Update your apps and iPhone OSX

Many times bugs and errors can cause a host of problems. One way to make certain that the problem isn’t a hardware issue is to make certain that you have the latest update for whatever app you are using. If the problem is with your phone calls, be certain that you have the latest iOS update.

Check your Case/Cover

Sometimes users have found that the protective case or cover that they are using either isn’t built for the model phone they have or it just plain covers up the microphone partially or even fully.

Clean your Microphone port

In between the headset jack and the charge port should be a hole or series of holes. This is where the phone or bottom microphone is located. Using something soft or electrical dusting compressed air, clean out this port. There could be a chance that something lodged in it is causing the problem.

Hardware issue

If all else fails, try replacing the flex cable for the charge port. This cable holds the connections to the microphone and it is possible that the soldered connectors came undone. If you are handy enough you may even try to re-solder the first and third connector pin.

If changing the cable or repairing the connections to the microphone are not the problem, then you may have to replace the logic board. Damage to this component may be the root cause of your issue and replacing it should do the trick if everything else does not work. Any iPhone hardware repairs can be carried out by your friendly Screen Fixed technicians in Brisbane or Sydney. Call today for a no obligation free quote.


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