How to download iOs 10.3.2 to your iPhone

June 26, 2017



iOS UpgradingThe recent iOS 10.3.2 update is a 200 MB (if you currently have 10.3.1) maintenance fix. The intent is to fix operating system bugs and add security. It is a good idea to push this to all of your iDevices as some apps may stop working if it is not done. Here’s how to do it.

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Backup your device data

This is recommended ANYTIME an update is performed. This will allow you to recover apps and data if something happens during or after the update.

– Tap Settings -> the User Banner -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup

– Tap Back Up Now to initiate the backup process

If you’ve never done this before this may take a while as all of your device data has to be uploaded into the cloud.

Update iDevice via Wi-Fi or cell data

Since this update is relatively small, using Wi-Fi or cell data is the quickest and simplest way to update your device.

– Tap Settings -> General – Software Update

– Tap on Download and Install

– Agree to the Terms and Conditions twice to begin the install

Give the system a bit of time to begin the download as it is determining what version iOS your device. This will determine the size of the download and may take a while if you haven’t updated the device in a while.

Using iTunes to Update

Sometimes the updates just won’t begin properly on Wi-Fi or via cell data. If that is the case, use iTunes to update your device.

– Connect your device to your PC that is running iTunes

– Be certain that iTunes is updated as well (when it is started, it will notify you if it needs to be updated)

– Once iTunes is launched, click on the device you want to update

– Click on Check For Update

– Click on Download and Update and agree to the Terms and Conditions to begin the update

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