How to Fix a water damaged iPhone that wont turn on – Latest 2019 Tips

July 4, 2017


Dropped your iPhone 7 in water?
This is something we should all read..

Water and electronics don’t mix. Dropping your phone in the pool, tub, or toilet is a sure fire way to damage the phone. Hopefully you were able to quickly retrieve the phone. In the event this catastrophe happened, here are some common tricks to help your phone get back on its feet (without having to completely replace the phone).Fix iPhone Water Damage


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First of all, turn the iPhone or iPad off and do not connect it to the charger. This will reduce any possibility of a short circuit that could permanently damage the phone or tablet.

Call your local iPhone Repair Shop

If you are savvy enough, remove the battery of the iPhone or iPad as well to further reduce the chance of powering the device and to give you the opportunity to see how much water remains in the innards of the device. Either shake the excess moisture from the phone or a can of electronics dusting compressed air to blow out the moisture. If you are not confident enough to do this, don’t worry. There are other steps you can take.

Don’t Use A Hair Dryer to Dry Your Phone

Many will also be tempted to use a hair dryer to ‘dry out’ the water from the phone. DO NOT do this as the temperatures may damage the circuits within the phone or tablet.

Using The Uncooked Rice Trick

Placing your phone or tablet into uncooked rice for 48 hours can draw out the moisture from the phone. While this may work it is NOT recommended. Dust and particles from the rice may get into the phone and damage the internals. If you are willing to take the risk do the following:

– place enough rice in a tupperware bowl or plastic bag to completely surround the phone or tablet with rice.

– insert the phone or tablet and make certain it is surrounded by rice.

– seal up the bag or tupperware and wait for 2-3 days.

– after waiting, power up the phone or tablet and see if it works.

Using Desiccant Bags

If you want to be conservative and not risk getting rice dust in the device, go to an office supply store or Walmart and buy a few bags of desiccant. These little bags are often time found in bags of beef jerky or shipped with electronics by Amazon or other companies. Place your phone or tablet in a plastic bag along with the desiccant for 48 hours.

iPhone dropped in water wont turn on

If you try powering the device on after either of these solutions and it still doesn’t work. Put the device back in the bag of desiccant or rice for 24 hours and then try powering it up again. If it still doesn’t work after a few days of trying things, it may be time to take the phone in to your service provider to be replaced.

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