How to Fix Black MacBook LCD Screen or No Display

June 26, 2021


By ben

How to Fix MacBook Black Screen

Apple MacBook’s are a fabulous machine when everything is working, this article is been written by an average writer, but relatively experienced repair technician on a MacBook Pro. When your MacBook breaks-down it can leave you in a right pickle. Writing emails is no fun on your iPhone on iPad – MacBook Pro is an placeable necessity. This post is written for those MacBook users who opened their MacBook only to find that the screen is black or, no showing any signs of life.

This is an unpleasant experience, but there’s no need to panic. Here are a few quick fix process’s to follow which can point you in the write direction or lead to getting your Macbook working again.

1. Check the power

First and foremost, this situation might be caused by the sleep function that your MacBook uses to save energy. To find out whether this is the cause of the problem, simply press the trackpad mouse or keyboard. If the MacBook display turns on, then it’s the sleep mode that causes the black screen. Remember that you can change the sleep settings at any time. The device can turn off its screen after a few minutes or after a few hours of inactivity if you want to.

2. Check Battery (Hopefully doesn’t need replaced)

If the screen doesn’t turn on even after you click the trackpad, mouse or keyboard, you should check the power supply. If your MacBook is unplugged, plug the power adapter and wait for a couple of minutes before you press the power button. If your device has run out of power, it should turn on once you plug the power adapter.

3. Check for damage to the LCD Screen

Oftentimes customers bring faulty MacBooks to Screen Fixed repair stores hoping its an easy fix when in fact the display / lcd panel has been damaged. This can occur from dropping you macbook or closing the lid of something and consequently breaking the LCD Screen. For example, you may drop your MacBook and your screen may stop working. You can also experience a software issue that has led to this problem. In any case, what you need in situations like this is professional / technical assistance.

Screen Fixed or an Apple Store can fix a black MacBook screen

Visiting an Apple Store is an option, but most times you will be provided a repair quote that is comparable to buying a new MacBook. Our advice is to visit a professional repair store like Screen Fixed. We have helped hundreds of people in Australia with their MacBook devices and we are ready to help you too. It doesn’t matter what caused the problem – our team of experienced and professional technicians will do their best to repair your MacBook screen. 

MacBook Backlight I.C Repair Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Finally if the above processes did not solve your issue, it’s time to focus your attention on the macbook logic board. MacBook motherboards are made up of hundreds of small fuses, filters and chips – these are often referred to as “I.C’” or Information Controllers. Overtime, particularly when running your macbook hot for extended periods of time there is a chance you can wear i.c’s down. This can cause the MacBook i.c to detach from the logic board rendering that component ineffective. One way to check if it’s you macBook backlight that is at fault is to power the device on. Wait to hear the chime sound, if you can not see anything on the screen it may be a sign that either your display is faulty or the i.c is faulty. By shining the torch from your iPhone onto the screen, you can effectively see what’s happening on the LCD – in this case you will need to take your faulty MacBook to a logic board repair shop like Screen Fixed to have the backlight i.c re-ballad or a new i installed. Apple does not provide a service for board repairs.

In some cases, it’s a software problem or a hardware problem that’s not associated with your screen. In others, your screen must be replaced. No matter what the problem is, you can rest assured that you will get help fast and at a reasonable price. When it comes to replacement parts, we should mention that we are using premium quality parts only. We also offer a warranty for our services. Now that you know that to do if your MacBook screen is black, it’s time to contact Screen Fixed.




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How to Fix Black MacBook LCD Screen or No Display

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