How To Fix: iPhone proximity sensor not working after screen replacement

August 16, 2017


iPhone Screen been repaired and the proximity sensor won’t work?

Repairing the screen of your iPhone is a typical DIY repair that many users have performed. In most cases this repair is easy and causes no problems. Some users have been noticing that after the repair is completed that the proximity sensor no longer works. The symptom of this issue is having a call come in and the phone staying dark until the phone call is done despite putting the phone to and away from your ear. Even when buttons are pressed during the call, the phone stays black until the call ends.

iPhone Sensor Problems

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iPhone 7 proximity sensor not working

One of the first reported causes of this issue is tied to poor quality repair screens. If this happens during your initial repair, one possible fix could be to try a different supplier and try the repair again. Of course, this method is even more costly and is probably not desirable. the problem with poor quality screens is that they allow too much light into the sensor. The other and perhaps more common cause is in-correct installation by your local iPhone repair technician. If the iPhone 7 (or other model iPhones) sensor is not clearly lined up with the wholes in your screen then its just not going to work.

Here are some other fixes.

Black Electrical Tape Fix (Works only on iPhone 4 & 4S)

– Cut a small rectangular piece of electrical tape big enough to fit over the sensor flex ports

– Cut out two holes (rectangular or otherwise) big enough for the bronze looking sensor ports

– Place the new electrical tape over the sensor area and reassemble the phone

– do a test call to determine if the fix worked

Sharpie Fix

To try this fix, you will have to mark up the replacement glass you are using where the sensor sits. Just darken the inside part of the glass that sits over the sensor with your sharpie. Once this is done, complete the rest of the screen replacement and perform a test call.

It is good to note that if there are any camera or ear speaker problems after your repair is done then the problem lies in your flex cable. This means that you may have damaged the cable during your screen repair and it will need to be replaced as well.

As with any repair job, follow your directions carefully and be very gentle with the phone’s interior components.

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