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December 8, 2016


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apple broken screenIn recent years our mobile phones have become much more than just handy devices for staying in touch via phone calls and text messages. They allow us stay on top of everything in our daily lives from checking our Inbox and replying to emails, to keeping an eye on our business, connecting with smart appliances and alarm service at home, monitoring our health and lots of other things too numerous to mention. Our smartphones have become our pocket companion, our trusted daily assistant with all its features and apps. It can be devastating when something happens to our device. It’s not just the price we paid for our iPhone, but the fact that it contains a lot of personal information and been customized to meet our needs. This is why it is vital to have a Sydney iPhone repair service that can be counted on in an emergency.

Cracked screens, they happen.cracked iphone screen repairs

The worst thing that can happen is to drop your iPhone, cracking the screen. The screen is the command center for any smartphone and when it’s cracked the phone is totally useless. You not only can’t see what’s displayed on the screen, but you lose your ability to access or control your iPhone. The problem is, this is something that can happen to anyone, no matter how well protected your phone is. If you keep it in a flip case, odds are that the case will open during the fall and the phone will land on the screen, cracking it. Even glass screen protectors do not offer 100% protection, although they are popular since they do a fairly good job. The point is that your iPhone’s screen will always be prone to cracking simply because it’s made of glass.

iPhone Repair Services

What can you do if your iPhone screen cracks? You’re going to have to find an Apple iPhone repair center, maybe make an appointment online for the repair work, drive over there to drop off your phone, and do without it for how ever many days it will take them to handle the repair. Once your screen is replaced, you’ll have to drive back again to pick your phone up. What if you could get your iPhone fixed immediately without leaving home and waiting days for the repair? If you live in Sydney, Brisbane or Toowoomba, you have a very reputable iPhone repair service near you. All you have to do is give them a call and they will come to your location and fix your iPhone right there, on the spot. Yes, you heard me right! There is no need to get in your car and drive for who knows how long and wait days before returning to pick up your phone. Your iPhone can be repaired and back to full function in no time at all with this Sydney iPhone repair service, which is also available in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

iPhone 6S screen repair Sydney & Brisbane

So, if you somehow crack the screen on your iPhone 6S, no matter how it happens, just call their repair team. They offer on-demand iPhone repair services right to your door. It should only take them 30 minutes to repair your mobile device, not the entire day. In just a half hour you will have a fully functioning phone again! Are you wondering what types of iPhones they can fix? The repair team can fix any type of iPhone, although the iPhone 6 is the one they get the most calls about. Up to this point in time they have repaired more than 2,000 iPhone 6s, which is why this model is the one they are most familiar with. However, they are perfectly capable of fixing any iPhone, so if you have another model, just give them a call and they’ll get the job done in no time at all. Getting your screen fixed in Sydney is no longer a problem now that you know who to call for this emergency. Rather than going into a panic trying to figure out how you’re going to live without your phone for up to a week, give these guys a call and have them come over and fix it for you right away.

Certified iPhone technicians Sydney

Aside from cracked screens, this team of technicians can solve just about anything. It’s just that cracked screens are the most common problem people call about. But the team in Sydney can take care of whatever else may be wrong. The lead technician there is Johnson and he is very experienced and also has had special training in repairing iPhones in particular. He’s done nothing but repair iPhones for the past 4 years, so he’s seen and fixed everything you can think of. For Johnson, repairing a cracked iPhone screen is something he can practically do in his sleep.

Fast iPhone screen repairs

If you have an iPhone emergency, they’ll travel up to 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD to reach you. If your problem is a cracked screen, it may reassure you to know that the team uses only premium quality glass iPhone screens in their repairs. Therefore, these iPhone screen repairs are the best there is. So, not only do they provide the most convenience, they will also use only top quality components when restoring your iPhone. Every screen replacement comes with a 2-year guarantee, which should indicate how trustworthy and reliable they are. Making things even more convenient, you don’t have to pay in cash because the team accepts payment with Eftpos or Credit Cards. You will only be charged for the repairs made to your iPhone, and not the call out service. This means that using this service will not be any more expensive than if you used another similar service. You will only pay for the repairs, just like with anyone else, but you will enjoy the convenience of getting the repair done at your location by the most experienced iPhone repair professionals in this industry.screen fixed

Repair service available in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Toowoomba

The Screen Fixed service was first launched in Brisbane, back in 2014. Since then, the business has expanded to Sydney and Toowoomba, where they have many happy clients. Having problems with your mobile phone should no longer cause a headache because you can get a cracked iPhone screen repaired, your batteries replaced and your iPhone charge port fixed if necessary. These are the most frequent problems people deal with, but as discussed earlier, this team can handle anything that comes up with your iPhone. They can also repair Samsung devices. So, for all you Samsung owners out there, you can be confident in knowing that iPhone screen repairs are not the only thing this team does, they can certainly repair your Samsung device as well. Every member of the repair team, whether it’s the lead technician or not, is a highly qualified trained professional who will handle your matter with the seriousness it deserves. They know how important mobile devices are in the lives of most people, so they will come to your location and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

iPhone Technicians wanted – Join the team

If you happen to be a technician and are looking for a wonderful job opportunity in Sydney, you might like to know that the team is on the lookout for qualified new members. At some point this November the team plans to launch Screen Fixed services on the Gold Coast of Australia as well. There are also plans for an Apple MacBook and an Apple iMac screen repair service in the near future, which means there will be a need for even more technicians. These are great jobs for anyone with the right skills. If you are trained and have the skills and experience to do a great job fixing some of the most appreciated devises people use these days, keep an eye on things because the team may soon be looking for someone like you to join in. You would be part of a highly professional and successful team of skilled technicians. When the time comes, make your interest in becoming a technician known, and you may receive an offer from the team at Screen Fixed.




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