Cracked iPhone Screen? Don’t Panic

April 13, 2016


iPhone Repair

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It goes without saying that iPhone’s have one major flaw that still hasn’t been addressed – The glass is not shatter-resistant. Even the most recent iPhone 6S is still prone to cracking. Today we give you a few tips on how to mitigate this risk as well as a convenient and professional way to repair your broken iPhone screen if and when it happens.

The 2 most common ways you can break your iPhone screen

  1. Of course dropping the device is the most common cause of a broken screen. At Screen Fixed the typical story we hear is that people have dropped their device from hip height on to concrete when attempting to put it back in there pocket. Though this isn’t always the case its certainly the most common. Interestingly we often hear the story of how a customer removed their iPhone from its case to take a nice photo, and then drop it. Most likely because they’re not used to holding it without a case.
  2. Dropping something on it: Often many repairs that we tend to at Screen Fixed are a result of something heavy being dropped on the screen. Approximately 20% of devices we repair at Screen Fixed break because of this. The best way to protect yourself here is leave your screen face- down.

Has this happened to you? Not all is lost! Thankfully there is a repair solution. Screen Fixed can repair your iPhone screen in less in 30 minutes. We can do this in Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Convenient solutions and safeguards for your iPhone screen

  1. Screen Fixed(A little biased here) for many of you it’s a reality that at some point you will break your screen. When this happens there’s 2 important things you need to keep in mind when getting your screen fixed 1.) Contact a service who uses only high quality parts. If you go for the cheap option you’ll almost always get a low quality screen that’s much more likely to break because it isn’t constructed from Apple high-end parts 2.) Technicians who are experienced in all facets of iPhone repair. Technicians who are not experienced can leave lasting damage to your iPhone motherboard. At Screen Fixed we have both, not only do we come to you and repair your device on the spot. (This can be at your home, place of work or even your local eatery!) We also back all iPhone screen repairs with a free 2 year warranty.
  2. Cases: Although you will be compromising on the feel of the metal build of your iPhone, it’s good to have a case that will absorb a majority of the impact if you ever drop your iPhone, saving you from a cracked screen. It also gets you a better grip since iPhones generally are more slippery due to their metal build and curved edges that increases the chances of the phone slipping off your hand and on the floor. The best advice we can give you is buy a case that comes above the edge of the phone. This way if it’s dropped on the concrete, its less-likely make direct contact with the glass.
  3. Screen Protector: Though regular screen protectors will barely do it, there are screen protectors which are made from chemically strengthened tempered glass. It’s basically like adding an entire new screen on the top of an existing one. What’s even better that it doesn’t compromise on anything except for the fact that your device will be 1mm thicker. The quality and durability of tempered-glass protectors do vary a lot, we recommend using a Belkin TrueClear screen protector.Nuglass glass screen protector

Need your iPhone screen repaired today?

If you have an iPhone with a cracked screen, give Screen Fixed a call. We can have an Expert with you in less than one hour. We except eftpos on the spot and the majority of all screen repairs take 30 minutes or less. Better yet, all repairs come with a 2 year warranty. Screen Fixed is available in Brisbane, Sydney and Toowoomba.



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