Broken Screen? Tips on why you shouldn’t repair just the glass!

November 27, 2015


iPhone Repair

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As the founder of Screen Fixed, Brisbanes best repair company, I believe it’s a professional courtesy not to pick holes in the products and/or services other companies provide. That being said, I also believe in the importance of customers being educated on how important it is to have your smartphone screen repaired right, the first time.

It’s true that if you shop around, eventually you will find someone, somewhere that can replace your screen cheaper. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that cheaper equals a lesser standard of quality, we here at Screen Fixed pride ourselves on the cost of services we offer. But sometimes people cut corners to get those cheaper prices.

In some cases, the strength it had coming from the factory is gone, and you will find the screen will shatter with little or no effort, and that’s just the beginning (I’ll go into greater detail below). In short, we here at Screen Fixed push to make our services as invisible as possible, we want our products and services to be something you recommend to friends and family, and not bring back to us because the glass has started to lift.

At the end of the day, when you get your smart phone screen replaced you really only have two options. You can either replace the glass, and glass only, or you can opt to do a full display replacement. Here at Screen Fixed we recommend the later. Now in this post we aim to delve into the pros and cons of each type of repair and what’s the best solution to repairing either your iPhone or Samsung device.

Glass only iPhone screen repairs Brisbane

Lets look at what makes up the display of your favourite smart phone, weather it be a Samsung or an Apple iPhone. Firstly, screens aren’t screens, they are made up of various components, but the two main ones are the LCD and the glass digitizer).

Because of these two main components a few things can happen when/if you drop your phone. You can crack your screen, you’ll be shredding your finger tips, but its still technically usable, you can also crack your screen and the touch function won’t respond afterwards. Or you can break your LCD, you’ll know that’s happened because all you’ll be able to see is blurry lines or just an inky screen.

So what are my options, I hear you scream through the tears. Well first off, lets look at probably the most common issue, a cracked and/or unresponsive screen, and because this is one of the most common issues, some (not all) company’s repair the glass by gluing or in some instances (and I swear I’m not making this up) sticking it down with double sided tape! 99 times out of 100 the out come for these style of quick and easy repairs equal a very unhappy customer.

Now, another major issue that arises with glass only screen repairs is that eventually, over the course of time you can (not always, to be fair) lose the sensitivity within the touch screen. The culprit behind this frustrating problem is misalignment to the LCD. And probably the most unfortunate by-product of a screen only repair is the loss of structural integrity, in other words, it’s going to break twice as easy as it did last time. You have to remember, Apple and Samsung have machines that do this, and it wont have the same bond that it would were it to come off the production line.

Also now is probably a good time to point out a really good aspect of the production line phone. No phone company wants to be labelled as the one that smashes easily, so these companies invest millions in developing screens that resist breakage. The latest craze with Apple (Apple previously had sunk a ton of cash into a company that was working on super tough screens, but couldn’t work out the kinks before crunch time) and Samsung is a nifty product called ‘Gorilla Glass’, as the name suggests, its a glass that has been strengthened to minimise the chances of it breaking, of course both phone companies are careful not to say their phones are smash proof, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of what they were from even a generation ago.

Sorry, I got distracted, take into account what was mentioned above, and remember that ‘Gorilla Glass’ is going to carry a higher price tag, simply because its a better product, and in repairs it’s common to find screens replaced with normal glass, which simply doesn’t stand the wear and tear of daily life.

In short (he says after a metric ton of words), your smartphones glass screen needs to be adhered to the LCD by the witchcraft found in the (temperature controlled) production plant machines at Samsung and apple HQ. All of this expensive and extensive jumping through hoops allows the glass to bond to the LCD, and there in lays the problem and one of the top reasons third party repairs get such a bad wrap, not enough repair shops are doing complete display replacements, it’s as straight forward as that.

I’ll tell you, in the early stages of Screen Fixed, we experimented with an untold number of different techniques and parts, and every combination of them. We as consumers as well as service providers weren’t comfortable with the cheaper glue jobs, they just didn’t stand the test of time, and creating a business around a product that might or might not work seemed ridiculous, any way you looked at it.

Smart phones will be with us for the foreseeable future, and we here at Screen Fixed want the business we’ve poured our livelihoods into to endure, well into the future, and to do that is simple (kind of), you offer the customer (the person that your business revolves around – it seems obvious but some companies forget this tiny fact) the best possible product. At Screen Fixed we’ve found following that formula has worked pretty well for us – every repair comes with a 2 year warranty which also give our customers peace of mind. Above all else, we understand that a happy customer is a good customer, and that’s something that we strive for with every job.

Original full iPhone Screen Repairs Brisbane (full display replacement)

So we’ve been banging on about how a simple screen replacement isn’t the best idea, in the long run, so what are the choices? A full screen replacement is the best course of action, when those smashy accidents happen. A full screen replacement is the LCD and the Digitizer already factory sealed together – with, might I remind you, equipment more expensive then your house (probably).

Our techs then simply and quickly install the item into your smart phone of choice, the net result being – you have a new screen which is of the same quality if you’d bought a new phone off the shelf, and all going well, you shouldn’t run into any of the nasty (and unnecessary) annoyances that come with the cheaper and ill advised glass only repairs.

That being said, in the highly unlikely case that something does go wrong, it’s covered by Screen Fixed 2 year warranty. Remember – do it once, do it right.



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