Top 20 Mobile Phones with Best Battery Life 2023 Edition

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In the world where technology is everything, owning a smartphone with a long-lasting battery is essential for those who are always glued to their screens. As the number of devices on the market grows, finding the perfect phone with incredible battery life can be quite the challenge.

Fear not! We’re here to help you find the best battery life phones for all budgets in 2023, whether you’re looking for a high-end, mid-range, or affordable option. Our ultimate list includes phones with at least 11.5 hours of battery life, based on our rigorous battery tests, ensuring that you won’t be desperately hunting for a power outlet anytime soon.

Worrying much about the budget? Our fantastic list of the best battery life phones caters to a variety of price points, from premium handsets around $999 to budget-friendly options below $300. We’ve also got the mid-range models covered, striking the perfect balance between performance and cost.

As phone manufacturers race to create longer-lasting devices, they’re packing in larger batteries and enhancing power management systems. Take the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance – it lasts way longer than its predecessor, all thanks to an efficient chipset.

To we hand you over the best phone ideas we make sure our results are reliable and comparable, each phone we review undergoes a custom battery test that involves non-stop web browsing over LTE or 5G until the battery runs out. We keep the screen brightness at 150 nits during this process. On average, phones last just under 10 hours, but our handpicked selection goes beyond 11.5 hours, making them perfect for those who need extended battery life without relying on portable chargers.

In the sections that follow, we’ll dive into the best high-end and budget phones with the most impressive battery life, allowing you to pick the ideal device based on your budget and preferences. Stay connected and powered up with the best battery life phones of 2023!

Best Phone Battery Life at a Glance (hours:minutes):

  1. Samsung Galaxy M31s (30:20)
  2. Sony Xperia 10 IV (29:36)
  3. Sony xperia10 III (28:55)
  4. Realme 9 4G (28:17)
  5. Motorola Moto G9 Power (26:51)
  6. Oneplus 8 (26:47)
  7. One Plus 8T (26;30)
  8. Samsung Galaxy A12 (25:58)
  9. Motorola moto G50 (25:45)
  10. Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro: 15:30
  11. iPhone 14 Pro Max: 13:39
  12. Asus Zenfone 9 (13:13)
  13. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12:22)
  14. Moto G100 (12:20)
  15. OnePlus 10 Pro (11:52)
  16. Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra (11:45)
  17. Google Pixel 7 Pro (11:30)
  18. Sony Xperia 1 IV (11:20)
  19. OPPO Find X5 Pro (11:10)
  20. LG V70 ThinQ (10:45)

Best High-End Phones with Exceptional Battery Life

  1. Samsung Galaxy M31s (30:20)

Equipped with a massive 6,000mAh battery the Samsung Galaxy M31s is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers a perfect blend of performance and long-lasting battery life. The Samsung M31 is a popular device known for its impressive battery life, and the M31s takes it up a notch. This device ensures you can enjoy extended screen time for gaming, streaming, or browsing without needing frequent recharging. The 25W fast charging support, along with reverse charging capabilities, lets you quickly top up your Samsung M51’s device and even charge other gadgets on the go.

Samsung Galaxy M31s

To further extend the already impressive battery life of the Samsung Galaxy M31s, consider lowering the screen brightness, enabling dark mode, and turning off location services when not in use. Additionally, managing background app activity and disabling auto-sync for non-essential accounts can help conserve battery power.

  1. Sony Xperia 10 IV (29:36)

The Sony Xperia 10 IV is a mid-range smartphone that delivers a solid mix of features and a high-capacity 4,500mAh battery. This device supports 30W fast charging, ensuring that you can quickly recharge when needed and enjoy extended battery life for all your daily activities. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor, coupled with 6GB RAM and 128GB of expandable storage and runs high on battery.

To maximize battery life on the Sony Xperia 10 IV enable the built-in Stamina mode to optimize power usage, adjust screen brightness to adaptive mode, and restrict background data usage for apps. Additionally, turning off features like always-on display and NFC when not in use can help prolong battery life.

Sony Xperia 10 IV

  1. Sony xperia10 III (28:55)

The Sony Xperia 10 III is an impressive device that boasts a 4,500mAh battery, providing all-day usage for even the most demanding users. With 30W fast charging support, the Xperia 10 III ensures you can quickly recharge your device whenever needed.

If you’re looking for even more power, the Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III offer even greater performance and features, including 5G connectivity and advanced camera systems. The Xperia 1 III is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, while the Xperia 5 III features a Snapdragon 870 chipset. Both devices come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage options, making them ideal for power users and multimedia enthusiasts.

Sony xperia10 III

To increase the battery life of the Sony Xperia 10 III, utilize the adaptive brightness feature, switch to Stamina mode when necessary, and disable always-on display. Managing background app activity, disabling location services.

  1. Realme 9 4G (28:17)

The Realme 9 4G is a budget-friendly smartphone that boasts a powerful 5,000mAh battery, ensuring extended usage for browsing, gaming, and streaming. With support for 18W fast charging, the device offers quick and convenient charging when required. Powered by a MediaTek Helio G95 processor, the Realme 9 4G comes with up to 6GB RAM and 128GB of expandable storage.

Realme 9 4G

To enhance the battery life of the Realme 9 4G, enable the built-in battery saver mode to optimize power consumption, limit screen timeout duration, and restrict background app activity. Additionally, disabling auto-sync for non-essential accounts, turning off location services when not needed, and using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data when possible can help further extend battery life.

  1. Motorola Moto G9 Power (26:51)

The Motorola Moto G9 Power is a powerhouse that boasts an impressive 6,000mAh battery, offering up to 60 hours of usage on a single charge. This device ensures you stay connected and entertained without constantly worrying about battery life. The 20W TurboPower fast charging technology allows you to quickly recharge and get back to your activities in no time.

Motorola Moto G9 Power

To keep your Moto G9 Power’s battery in top condition, consider reducing screen brightness, enabling battery saver mode when necessary, and restricting background app activity. Additionally, disabling auto-sync for non-essential accounts and turning off location services when not needed can help preserve battery life and maintain its health.

  1. Oneplus 8 (26:47)

The OnePlus 8 is a flagship device featuring a powerful 4,300mAh battery, providing extended usage for all your daily tasks, gaming, and multimedia consumption. With the 30W Warp Charge technology, you can quickly recharge your phone and enjoy hours of usage in just minutes.

To improve the battery life and health of your OnePlus 8, use the built-in battery optimization feature, enable dark mode for supported apps, and lower the screen resolution to FHD+. Moreover, managing background app activity and turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use can help conserve battery power and maintain its longevity.

Oneplus 8

  1. One Plus 8T (26;30)

The OnePlus 8T is another flagship offering from OnePlus, equipped with a 4,500mAh battery that ensures long-lasting performance for your daily needs. The 65W Warp Charge technology enables incredibly fast charging, taking your phone from 0% to almost 60% in just 15 minutes.

To increase battery life and maintain the health of your OnePlus 8T, enable optimized charging in the settings, lower the screen refresh rate to 60Hz, and use dark mode for compatible apps. Limiting background data usage and turning off location services when not needed can also help extend battery life and preserve its health.

  1. Samsung Galaxy A12 (25:58)

Samsung Galaxy A12

The Samsung Galaxy A12 features a large 5,000mAh battery, ensuring you can enjoy extended hours of gaming, streaming, and browsing without constantly needing to recharge. The 15W Adaptive Fast Charging support ensures your device gets topped up quickly when required. Samsung’s Galaxy A series includes several budget-friendly options, such as the Samsung Galaxy A12, A13, and A32.

The Samsung A32, on the other hand, features a larger 5,000mAh battery and supports 25W fast charging, making it an even more compelling option for those who need a device that can keep up with their busy lifestyle. If you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly smartphone with long battery life, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is a solid choice.

To enhance the battery life and health of your Samsung Galaxy A12, enable Adaptive Battery in settings, reduce screen brightness, and use dark mode when available. Additionally, managing background app activity and disabling auto-sync for non-essential accounts can help conserve battery power and maintain its longevity.

  1. Motorola moto G50 (25:45)

The Motorola Moto G50 is an affordable smartphone that comes with a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery, providing extended usage for all your daily tasks and entertainment needs. With 10W rapid charging support, the device can quickly recharge and keep you connected throughout the day.

To improve the battery life and health of your Moto G50, limit screen timeout duration, enable battery saver mode when necessary, and restrict background app activity. Turning off location services, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when not in use, as well as disabling auto-sync for non-essential accounts, can help preserve battery life and maintain its health.

  1. Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro (15:30):

The Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro is a gaming-focused phone featuring a massive 6,000 mAh battery offering a remarkable battery life of 15 hours and 30 minutes. It comes with great specs such as adaptive refresh rate up to 167Hz, the ROG Phone 6 Pro guarantees smooth visuals and a seamless gaming experience. The 65W wired charging support allows you to quickly recharge the battery, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts and users who require a high-performance device with extended battery life. You can increase the battery health by

  • Lowering down screen refresh rate to 60Hz or 90Hz.
  • Use battery optimization in Armoury Crate.
  • Disable or uninstall unused pre-installed apps.

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max (13:39):

Apple’s latest flagship boasts a battery life of 13 hours and 39 minutes.. Thanks to its 4,352 mAh battery capacity and power-efficient 4-nanometer A16 Bionic chipset. The iPhone 14 Pro Max also features an always-on display, which does not impact battery life significantly.

However, the device still relies on 20W wired charging, resulting in slower charging times compared to other flagship phones. Nevertheless, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is an excellent option for Apple enthusiasts looking for a premium device with an impressive battery life. To increase the battery life you can:

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • Use Low Power Mode when needed.
  • Disable Background App Refresh for non-essential apps.
  • Reduce screen brightness and turn on auto-brightness.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max was released on September 16, 2022. The price of iPhone 14 pro max in USA starts from 999$ and the price of iPhone 14 pro max in Australia is Rs 1749$ AUD.

  1. Asus Zenfone 9 (13:13):

Despite its compact design the Asus Zenfone 9 boasts an impressive 13-hour battery life with its 4,300 mAh battery and some best reviews worldwide. Adaptive refresh rate combined with power optimization, allows the Zenfone 9 to offer an extended battery life without relying on a larger battery. With 30W charging support, the device can be quickly recharged, making it an excellent option for users seeking a high-performance, compact smartphone with outstanding battery life.

To increase the battery performance you can follow the following tips

  • Activate battery saver mode.
  • Use Auto-start Manager to limit background apps.
  • Disable always-on display.

Asus Zenfone 9

  1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12:22):

With a 5,000 mAh battery it offers an outstanding battery life of 12 hours and 22 minutes with some very good reviews worldwide. The device is powered by the energy-efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, allowing the phone to maximize battery performance without compromising on its other high-end features. The Galaxy S23 Ultra supports 45W wired charging, enabling you to recharge the device quickly. With a premium design and feature set, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a top choice for users seeking a high-end Android phone with a robust battery life. To enhance the battery life

  • Enable Adaptive Battery feature in settings.
  • Use dark mode to reduce screen power consumption.
  • Turn off 5G when not needed.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G was released on 2 Feb 2023 with its price in Australia reaching AUD 1600$ and starting price in USA of 1200$.

  1. Moto G100 (12:20):

Moto G100 features a 5,000 mAh battery that lasts for 12 hours and 20 minutes. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 870 chipset, providing a balance between performance and power efficiency. The device also supports 20W wired charging, ensuring a reasonably quick recharge time. The Moto G100 is a reliable high-end phone for users seeking exceptional battery life without sacrificing performance. To enhance the bettery health follow the following tips

  • Enable Battery Saver mode in settings.
  • Limit screen timeout duration.
  • Turn off location services when not in use.

Moto G100

  1. OnePlus 10 Pro (11:52):

The OnePlus 10 Pro is a high-end smartphone with a 5,000 mAh battery that provides 11 hours and 52 minutes of battery life. The device features high quality specs such as Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and an LTPO OLED display, offering both power efficiency and a smooth user experience. With support for 65W wired charging, the OnePlus 10 Pro ensures quick recharging when needed, making it a solid choice for users looking for a premium phone with a long-lasting battery. You can further increase the life time of battery by

  • Using the built-in battery optimization feature.
  • Lowering down the screen resolution to FHD+.
  • Enabling the dark mode for supported apps.

OnePlus 10 Pro

  1. Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra (11:45):

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is a feature-packed, high-end smartphone with an impressive 5,000 mAh battery that lasts for 11 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, the device offers excellent performance while maintaining good battery life. Additionally, the Mi 12 Ultra supports 120W wired charging, allowing users to quickly recharge the device when required. The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is a top choice for users seeking a premium smartphone with robust battery life. Increase the battery health by

  • Using battery saver mode.
  • Restricting background app activity.
  • Disabling always-on display and raise-to-wake.

The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra has a released date of 2nd July 2022 with price in Australia of AUD 1680$.

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra

  1. Google Pixel 7 Pro (11:30):

Google Pixel 7 Pro offers a battery life of 11 hours and 30 minutes and for that thanks to its 5,000 mAh battery capacity and energy-efficient Tensor chipset. Most of the people compare Google pixel 7 Pro vs samsung S22 Ultra but both of them are good in their respective domains. The device features a 120Hz LTPO OLED display, allowing for adaptive refresh rates that help conserve battery life. The Pixel 7 Pro also supports 30W wired charging, enabling a fast recharge time when needed. For users looking for an Android device with an outstanding camera and solid battery life, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is an excellent option. Get better battery life time by following the tips:

  • Enable Adaptive Battery in settings.
  • Limit the use of Always-on Display.
  • Use Battery Saver mode when necessary.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

  1. Sony Xperia 1 IV (11:20):

The Sony Xperia 1 IV features a 4,500 mAh battery providing users with 11 hours and 20 minutes of battery life. It comes with some cool back covers available in market. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, ensuring efficient performance and power management. With support for 30W wired charging, the Xperia 1 IV can be recharged relatively quickly. The phone’s focus on multimedia and photography capabilities makes it an ideal option for users seeking a high-end phone with excellent battery life. The battery life can further be increased by

  • Lowering down the screen brightness and enable adaptive brightness.
  • Turning off Stamina mode when not needed.
  • Restricting background data usage for apps.

Sony Xperia 1 IV

  1. OPPO Find X5 Pro (11:10):

OPPO Find X5 Pro is a premium smartphone with a 5,000 mAh battery, offering 11 hours and 10 minutes of battery life. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and features a high-quality LTPO OLED display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, providing smooth performance while conserving power. The Find X5 Pro supports 80W SuperVOOC wired charging, allowing for a rapid recharge when necessary. With its elegant design, exceptional camera setup, and great battery life, the OPPO Find X5 Pro is an excellent choice for users who demand a high-end smartphone with long-lasting battery life. The battery works even better if you a. Use built-in battery saver mode.

  • Disable auto-sync for non-essential accounts.
  • Reduce screen brightness and set a shorter screen timeout.

OPPO Find X5 Pro

  1. LG V70 ThinQ (10:45):

The LG V70 ThinQ features a 5,000 mAh battery, providing a respectable 10 hours and 45 minutes of battery life. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, this device offers excellent performance without compromising on power efficiency. The V70 ThinQ supports 25W wired charging, ensuring a reasonably quick recharge time for the device. As a high-end phone with a focus on multimedia, the LG V70 ThinQ is a great option for users looking for a premium smartphone with solid battery life.

LG V70 ThinQ

The market is saturated with high-end smartphones featuring exceptional battery life. The devices mentioned in this article offer a balance of power efficiency, performance, and features that make them stand out from the crowd. When choosing a new phone, it’s essential to consider your needs and priorities, as well as the device’s battery capacity and charging capabilities. By taking these factors into account, you can select the best high-end phone with exceptional battery life to suit your lifestyle and usage habits. Which one of the above phones would you choose?

Top Budget Phones Smartphones with Long-Lasting Batteries in 2023

Users are always on the lookout for affordable smartphones with long-lasting batteries. In 2023, many low-priced smartphones have long-lasting batteries, making them desirable purchases for power-hungry consumers. Now we are going to discuss some of the most effective low-cost smartphones in terms of battery life, taking into account factors such as processor efficiency, milliampere-hour (mAh) ratings, and screen-on time.

Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a has a battery life of 15 hours and 6 minutes when browsing the web 10 hours and 46 minutes when streaming video, and 10 hours and 46 minutes when playing 3D games. This “budget” offering from Google lasts for at least two days on average, and possibly longer with minimal use.

Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a is an inexpensive smartphone that can go two days without needing a charge thanks to its large battery. It runs smoothly thanks to its power-efficient Snapdragon 765G chipset, and it’s a good long-term investment thanks to its pristine software and three years of software updates. The 18W charger included with the phone can charge the device quickly.

Motorola One Fusion+

The Motorola One Fusion+ is a great option for you if you value long battery life but have a limited budget because of its large 5000 mAh battery and power-efficient processor. With 6.5” display and some of the best specs the One Fusion+ offers nearly 15 hours of web browsing on a single charge, with test results of 14 hours 51 minutes for web browsing, 10 hours 47 minutes for video streaming, and 12 hours 39 minutes for 3D gaming.

Motorola One Fusion+

As an added bonus, the phone’s performance is silky smooth, the speakers are high-quality, the video stabilization is impressive, and the haptic feedback is mild and pleasant.

Samsung A21s

Samsung’s Galaxy A21s is a smartphone with a 6.5” Display and amazingly high specifications that stands out for its long battery life and sleek, minimalist design. The Galaxy A21s excels in battery life tests, with results of 15 hours 35 minutes for web browsing, 11 hours 9 minutes for video streaming, and 7 hours 48 minutes for 3D gaming.

Samsung A21s

In bright light the Galaxy A21s’s primary, ultra-wide, and selfie cameras all excel, making it a solid pick for those on a tighter budget.

Powerful Moto G (2021)

Because of its large 5000 mAh battery and efficient Snapdragon chipset the 2021 Moto G Power has a long battery life and is currently available in the market at a good price. Powerful Moto G with its beautiful design and unique covers has the buyers attracted towards it. The 15 hours and 54 minutes it took to complete the browser test, the 8 hours and 55 minutes it took to stream video, and the 11 hours and 34 minutes it took to play a 3D game put it in the top tier of budget phones.

Powerful Moto G (2021)

With moderate use, a single charge can last up to three days, while heavy users will need to recharge every two days.

Essential Factors For Optimizing Battery Life and Efficiency

Battery life is a critical aspect of any mobile device, directly influencing user experience and satisfaction. As battery technology has evolved, understanding the factors that contribute to longer-lasting and efficient batteries is essential. Here are key factors to consider for optimized battery life and performance:

  1. Battery capacity: Measured in milliamp-hours (mAh), a larger battery capacity means longer usage times between charges. However, it may result in a heavier, bulkier device.
  2. Processor: Efficient processors, like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Apple’s A-series, consume less power while delivering top-notch performance.
  3. Display: Display size, resolution, and refresh rate impact battery life. Smaller screens with lower resolutions consume less power. Adaptive refresh rate technology can also improve battery efficiency.
  4. OS and software optimization: An optimized operating system effectively manages power consumption, while regular software updates enhance battery life by addressing power management issues.
  5. Connectivity and signal strength: Poor signal strength and unnecessary connectivity features can drain the battery. Ensuring stable connections and disabling unneeded features can improve battery life.
  6. Background apps and services: Managing background apps and services is crucial for optimized battery life. Closing unused apps and disabling unnecessary background services can help conserve power.
  7. User habits: Adjusting usage habits, such as reducing streaming, gaming, or using high brightness levels, can contribute to a longer-lasting battery.

Our list of the top 20 best battery life phones of 2023 offer you an exceptional experience by keeping them connected and empowered throughout the day. With advancements in battery technology, processors, and software optimization, these smartphones deliver impressive battery life without compromising on performance. As you consider investing in a new device, keep in mind the factors that affect battery life and efficiency to make an informed decision.

By choosing a phone with a long-lasting battery, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming, streaming, and browsing, staying connected to your digital world without constantly worrying about charging your device. Embrace the revolution and stay connected all day long with the best battery life phones of 2023!

Did this article help you in making a good choice? Let us know in the comment section below!!




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