Best Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Review

April 27, 2022



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Samsung S22 Ultra Review

When it comes to buying a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we’re sure the sheer number of options available to you can be just a tad bit overwhelming. After all, with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to really pin down which ones will fit your device the best. Worry not however, because that’s precisely what we’re here to help you with today.

We’ll be narrowing down the best glass screen protectors currently available for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, highlighting their benefits and features so that you can make a more informed decision. Together, we’ll make sure your expensive new smartphone’s display will be safe from minor falls and bumps.


Does Samsung S22 Ultra Need a Glass Screen Protector?

This is a question that we see get thrown around fairly often, especially thanks to buzzwords attached to smartphone screen protection these days. Many companies like Samsung tout their use of Gorilla Glass protection, claiming their displays to be extraordinarily scratch-resistant and almost impervious to scratches.

Of course, if this were the case, then screen protectors wouldn’t exist at all. While it’s true smartphone display protection technology has come a long way, it’s still not perfect. Yes, it’s more resistant to bumps, but any solid fall is still going to shatter it. It’s these situations where screen protectors not only come in handy, but are basically essential to the longevity of your device.

Your glass screen protector essentially works as a second layer of defence against cracks, absorbing impact and leaving your screen with significantly less damage than it would otherwise. This is why regardless of how much a company shows off their built in display protection technology, it’s still always a good idea to invest in a screen protector. Now, let’s get on with the list!


  1. Nuglas UV Glue Screen Protector for S22 Ultra

The Nuglas UV Glue tempered glass screen protector is a recent development, spearheading a recent trend of UV light screen protectors. Instead of using pre-applied glue, the Nuglas UV Glue tempered glass screen protector instead has the user apply the glue to their smartphone themselves, then using a UV light to properly dry the glue and screen protector.

There are several benefits to this approach, most key of them all being that it provides much greater protection for your display. Thanks to the even spread of glue, it absorbs and disperses impact much better. This also boosts touch sensitivity, which can often be an issue with normal tempered glass screen protectors.

While installing the screen protector is a bit more of an involved process, the effects and benefits cannot be overstated. If we had to recommend one screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra out of the bunch, it would definitely be the Nuglas UV Glue.


  1. EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour for Samsung S22 Ultra 

The EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour screen protector comes from notable screen protector manufacturer EFM, and with this product, they’ve got an interesting target. Where most screen protectors are focused squarely on being as protective as possible, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour instead wants to be thin and unnoticeable while also keeping your smartphone display safe.

Yes, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour is a screen protector that’s so thin that it can almost feel like it’s not there. Despite this, it retains a 9H hardness, so that means it’s going to be just as tough as many of the other tempered glass screen protectors on the market. When it comes to things like scratches, you’re not going to be missing out on much by choosing this screen protector.

Some of the benefits of this approach are how it keeps your user experience pleasant. Thanks to how the screen protector sits close to the display, it can feel like the screen protector isn’t even there. On top of that, this allows the under-display fingerprint sensor to work seamlessly. Overall, a unique but still excellent choice.


  1. Zagg InvisibleShield Defense Fusion for S22 Ultra 

Back into the more powerful screen protectors, we’ve got the Zagg InvisibleShield Defense Fusion. As the name implies, the this one is a different breed from the typical tempered glass screen protector. It blends together different materials to produce a hybrid screen protector that claims to be even more powerful than your standard tempered glass screen protector.

Unlike a standard screen protector, the hybrid mix that Zagg uses here is extremely resilient to chipping and cracking, meaning it’s incredibly tough to actually break it in any significant way. On top of that, it still manages to feel just like tempered glass. Overall quite a solid choice if you’re looking for a no frills screen protector that just works.

  1. Whitestone Dome Glass for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Whitestone Dome Glass is the final choice of screen protector on our list, and yet another solid choice. Similar to Nuglas, Whitestone’s Dome Glass also requires users to put in a bit of extra effort to properly secure it. You’ll need to apply the glue yourself, and then use the supplied UV light to make sure the screen protector stays on your phone properly.

For your troubles, you get a screen protector that touts its sheer durability. Like other UV light based screen protectors, the way

If we could only pick one, we’d go with Nuglas UV Glass Screen Protector the glue coats the screen allows for greater distribution of any impacts, and by extension more protection from drops and bumps. It’s an overall solid alternative to the other screen protectors on this list.



With that, we’ve reached the end of our list! It’s important to keep in mind that although a screen protector is important for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it’s equally important to also get a case for your smartphone. Preferably, you’ll want to get a case that goes over the screen protector’s edges, so that it doesn’t pry off or break the tempered glass.

We hope you found a good tempered glass screen protector for you out of this article, and remember to always do your best to keep your smartphone safe!





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