Samsung S24 Ultra Release Date, Rumors, Expectations

April 12, 2023


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2023 is shaping up to be a busy year for Samsung. The blockbuster Samsung S23 ultra has just made its appearance, and the market is already buzzing with the expected release of the Samsung S24 ultra. According to rumors Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will release in January 2024. The bomb has just dropped, and it’s already the talk of the town.

The S24 ultra release date is still months away, but Samsung consumers are already excited. They have high expectations from Samsung S24 Ultra. Of course, Samsung has never disappointed its loyalties. So, this time will be no different.

Even with the entire buzz about the Samsung S24, many questions remain. Will S24 Ultra make an improvement in the specs and features? Will there be any rise in the Samsung S24 Ultra price? And what will it even look like?

No one has definitive answers until Samsung releases an official statement. But one thing is for sure the Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra will come with an impressive design, improved and new features, and updates than its predecessor.

This post will be helpful if you are also a Samsung user and want to know more about the upcoming smartphone Samsung S24 ultra’s features, design, updates, pricing, and more.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Release Date

Samsung will most likely announce the S24 Ultra in January or early February 2024. Judging by the latest release dates, Samsung typically announces the dates in the earlier year. We can predict the same for the Samsung S24 Ultra release date. But remember that these are only the best estimates until Samsung makes an announcement.

Display: How Large Will The Display Be

Samsung S24 Ultra Display

After introducing various types of big and gorgeous displays, Samsung has set bars really high for themselves. Samsung S23 Ultra has a large 6.8″ AMOLED 2X display and a 1440 x 3200 pixels resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection. According to the latest news from Gizmochina, Samsung will stick with this S series signature display for the S24 Ultra.

Rumor has it that S24 Ultra may have curved edges and be right-corned. Undoubtedly it will be another great smartphone from the S series. However, it’s important to note that these reports should be taken as something other than authentic information.

Camera: A Better Telephoto Camera Or Just a Rumor

Samsung S24 Ultra camera

With rumors of a new smartphone in town, the most asked questions are always about the camera. “Will it have a better camera than its predecessor? How many cameras will be there? And so on. Well, there should be some improvement in the new smartphone.

We might see only a few significant changes in the Samsung S24 ultra camera. We will likely get the S23 Ultra camera features a 200MP primary/12MP ultra-wide/ and 12MP front camera, in S24 Ultra.

According to the mobile analyst, the most we expect is some improvement in 10MP telephoto cameras to enhance the zoom. If the potential camera upgrade reports are accurate, we hope for variable zoom to capture top-notch bright and clear shots better.

Performance: Same Snapdragon Chipsets

Samsung S24 Ultra Performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is the subject of numerous reports. Its modified version will probably be used in the Samsung S24 Ultra. It will allow the S24 smartphone to perform efficiently and fastly. And as anticipated, the phone will run on Android 14 and Samsung One UI.

Additionally, there are rumors of Wi-Fi 7 to enable quicker and more reliable internet.

Battery: Possibility Of a Larger Battery Than S23 Ultra:

S24 ultra news has just broken the internet. So many rumors are circulating about S24 having a larger battery than S23 Ultra 5000mAh. As per a report by Samlover the Korean tech giant is most likely to keep the S23 display, so they might not introduce any upgrade for S24 ultra battery.

There is an excellent possibility that the smartphone will also have a 5,000mAh battery. But fingers crossed to see some improvement in 45W fast charging. These are speculations from tech analysts, and Samsung might surprise us with the new upgrade.

Memory: More RAM Than Samsung S23 Ultra

The S24 Ultra will probably be the most durable phone of the Samsung S series, with enormous RAM. The smartphone is set to launch next year, but Samsung is already hinting at expected upgrades. A tipster Tauran Vats in his tweet claimed that Samsung would be extending 12GB of RAM to 16GB RAM in S24 Ultra.

Furthermore, the source also revealed that the Samsung 128GB storage variant wouldn’t be available anymore. Instead, 256GB built-in storage will be the new standard. It is excellent storage for a phone. Will Samsung be to handle it? We have seen Samsung handling impossible before. So, we can also expect it now.

Expected Colors

As far as colors go, it will be available in Black and Gold colors. But just like the other features rumors, we don’t know the exact colors option for S24 Ultra until its release in early 2024.

Samsung S24 Ultra Price: Will Samsung Raise The Price Of The S24 Ultra

It’s impossible to inform the price of a smartphone until its release. Other than the concept, there is no authentic information from Samsung. All these updates and improvements news are just rumors circulating around. The price of the S24 Ultra is one of the mysteries. Galaxy S23 ultra price is starting from $2,249.00. But there is no official statement regarding S24 ultra price. It is not practical to confirm whether the price will hike. We can hope that Samsung will keep the prices steady and not increase costs.

Satellite Connectivity: Another Empty Promise Or Truth

Reportedly Samsung announced the satellite connectivity in Galaxy S23 ultra. People were looking forward to this feature, but manufacturers canceled it.

With the buzz of the upcoming Samsung S24 Ultra circulating around SamMobile has recently made an assumption. According to them, satellite connectivity will be coming in S24 Ultra. It will enable users to send emergency messages in areas without cellular coverage by connecting to satellites. This feature would be beneficial, especially for travelers and adventurers.


The Samsung S24 Ultra is a minor upgrade compared to the S23 Ultra, but there is still much room for improvement. The design will remain the same as its predecessors, but expanded camera features, a drastic increase in RAM, and more will be some notable improvements.

The rumor indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra will have various potential modifications. Since these are just the buzz and the launch is almost a year away. So, you can assume and expect anything.

Stay tuned if you need more updates regarding Samsung S24 ultra release date.



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