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May 13, 2023



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A TikTok video shows a skydiver dropping his iPhone from a plane during a dive, with it somehow surviving the 14,000-foot fall to the ground.

The story of an iPhone surviving a fall from a plane is nothing short of remarkable. The incident serves as proof of the impressive engineering that goes into creating modern smartphones. It further highlights the durability and resilience of the iPhone. It is a story that has captured people’s attention worldwide, reminding them of the incredible technology we hold in our hands.

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We can always rely on them for everything from communication to entertainment and navigation. However, with their sleek designs and fragile exteriors, it’s easy to assume that even a minor fall can lead to significant damage.

iPhone Falling by a Skydiver:

A skydiver whose iPhone recently fell from 14,000 feet is a remarkable one. He noticed his iPhone fell while skydiving and immediately went to look for it, but in vain. However, one of his friends later found it in the landing zone. He was pleased to see that the iPhone was intact and in proper working condition. There was not even a single scratch on the phone.

iPhone Falling by a Skydiver

iPhone 6s Falling by a Documenter:

A shocking incident even took place with a Brazilian documenter Ernesto Galiotto. The phone was in the hands of Ernesto while he was filming a documentary. Unfortunately, the phone slipped out of his hand and fell down.

He feared the phone would be destroyed entirely upon falling on the ground with such immense pressure. However, it fell on a greasy area that helped to cushion the impact of high stress. Moreover, the phone even recorded the video while falling.

iPhone 6s Falling by a Documenter

iPhone Falling from a Plane: iPhone Survives Fall from Plane

An article in NBC reported another iPhone Survives Fall from Plane unbelievably survived. The iPhone owner was on a plane when it slipped out of her pocket. The iPhone model isn’t specified, but it seems she had iPhone 7. Initially, she thought her iPhone would not survive the fall, but actually the opposite happened. She found it in a nearby field, which worked perfectly fine.

iPhone X Falling from an Airplane:

An iPhone X has recently survived a fall from a plane, proving the phone’s durability. The plane started to buffet due to the strong winds that began, and the turbulence was too high that his iPhone dropped out of the window. Later on, it was found that the iPhone was working perfectly.

Height Details:

iPhone Height of Falling
Jackie Chen (iPhone) 14,000 feet
Ernesto Galiotto 300 meters
Ben Wilson (iPhone) 9,300 feet
iPhone X 11,000 feet

iPhone Surviving the Fall from an Immense Height

There are many instances of an iPhone survives to fall from a plane, as discussed above. These incidents have made people think about why these devices are sometimes so durable. One of the most important reasons is the design of this phone.

Apple makes sure to use high-quality material followed by rigorous testing to make sure it can withstand high pressure such as drops and impacts.

Moreover, most models of iPhone have inbuilt features of safety. It protects the phone from damage, such as the device having sensors that detect the free fall movement. It will automatically shut down its certain parts to avoid any damage.

Another thing that we can discuss is the location of impact. In some cases the iPhone fell on soft surfaces which helped to reduce the fall impact.


These instances prove the durability of the iPhone as they fall from the plane. The exact reasons are unclear, but we can say that Apple has designed these phones using durable materials to endure such circumstances. These are rare incidents and luck these models are way more resilient.

Overall, people are astonished and quite impressed that the iPhone survived a fall from the plane. It is always important to remember that these are rare events and don’t always happen. The company does not guarantee that every iPhone will survive a similar fall always. Thus, it is vital to take care of your device.

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