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October 31, 2018



By ben

iPad Screen Repairs with Screen Fixed Melbourne

When it comes to finding the right company to repair your iPad, we believe that you need to find a company that cares about your devices just as much as you do. A company that will give their full attention to not only providing the best customer service, but delivering the highest level of quality possible. Screen Fixed has provided that since our inception 3 years ago, and will continue to set a new standard of repair into the future. We’re passionate and committed to offering a premium quality iPad, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Google Pixel, Apple Watch and OnePlus repair service to thousands of happy customers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Concerned about how your iPad will be functioning in 12 months post repair? Don’t worry – we have you covered. Screen Fixed offers a premium 2 Year Warranty on all repairs including iPad Battery replacements, iPad Pro LCD Screen Replacements, iPad Mini Replacements and more.

iPad LCD Screen Repair Melbourne

Trained and experienced iPad repair technicians

When it comes to getting your iPad screen repaired it’s not as simple as pulling off the broken glass and popping a new one on like a flat tire. Repairing anything in an iPad is a complex puzzle, where the simplest move could cause irreparable damage to your iPad and also your bank account. At Screen Fixed the technicians are continually learning how to perfect their skills, as well as producing only the best customer service to compliment those abilities, thereby raising the bar when it come to industry standards. The technology market is expanding every year. It is imperative to not only have a good company that can adapt to the fluctuating market, but a company that can excel at the highest level of customer expectations. Screen fixed has always prided itself as an industry powerhouse in the market of smart device repair.

Our highly trained staff have conducted countless repairs with finesse and pinpoint precision. We use a high level of detail in every repair, leaving the device sleeker and more elegant than when we first received it. Screen fixed also use only the best premium screens and individual components that the market has to offer. What makes Screen Fixed different and stand out from all of the other companies is the attention to detail that our technicians take to each customers device. We treat your devices as if they were our own, and we have a fantastic history of raising the bar with every repair undertaken.

iPad Pro Screen Repairs Melbourne

Premium Quality iPad Parts for your Repair

iPad screen repairs are a very tedious and messy task, especially if the technician is not properly trained or knowledgeable of the device. Every series and model comes with their own unique challenges, such as new components added or removed in each successive model, or trying to successfully reuse old parts in the device or for future use without damage. Screen fixed is the best place to get premium factory grade parts for your iPad and other devices. Every part that Screen Fixed sells comes with a 2 year warranty and around the clock care in case of any issues. The iPad parts themselves come with factory grade adhesive to not only help the iPad screen stick to the device, but to also create an impenetrable seal to prevent dust and moisture making itself into the iPad.

When it comes to getting an iPad fixed with a company or attempting a repair on your lonesome, Screen Fixed has you covered for any occasion, with premium parts ready for installation. The problem with a lot of repair shops is that they do not have a direct line to where they receive their parts. They also usually have not been trained in how the parts have been produced, so they won’t necessarily have the understanding of the limitations of each screen. Screen Fixed works closely with their suppliers to not only build a strong clientele, but to also build a friendly rapport, which will lead to stronger foundations moving forward in the industry.

Premium iPad Parts or your Repair in Melbourne

Fast Turnaround and Affordable iPad Repair Cost

The price of an iPad repair can seem expensive at first glance. Here at Screen Fixed we stand by every repair 100%. We believe that you pay for not only the experience and knowledge of our technicians, but the outstanding quality of our parts. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors. iPad screen installation is a very vast undertaking. The repair takes time, considering all of the glass fragments and different components that could be easily broken or badly damaged if not handled patiently. The turnaround time for an iPad repair is usually around an hour when done by the standard repair center. The biggest advantage of the smaller repairers over the larger retail chains (such as EB Games or Apple) is turnaround time. Sending the iPad to Apple or any huge chain would usually result in a turnaround time of a few days. This is due to their large lists of demands as well as being a “trusted” brand every household knows about.

Screen fixed prides itself on not only conducting top quality repairs but also in a much shorter time span than the bigger retailers. Screen fixed understands that your iPad is something that we have all started to depend on heavily, and will continue to over the coming years due to their huge range of applications and personal data management. Another huge advantage of using the smaller companies is that there is no requirement to backup your data since Screen Fixed will never ask for a password unless it is an absolute necessity for that exact repair. Often times getting a repair done through a larger chain involves replacing your device with a refurbished one, meaning you almost always want to backup your data. The usual repair time for an iPad is around an hour, but to be safe, the majority of repair centers will over quote time, just in case customers need to be spoken to or the very rare occurrence of a complication with the repair that needs correcting.



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