Top 14 Best Adhesive Glue For Mobile Phone Repair

November 16, 2023


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Are you looking for the best adhesive glue for mobile phone repair?  We all have mobile phones, and often, we find ourselves in need of repairs. It’s not like we intentionally damage our phones; accidents happen. Screens crack, mobile’s back body gets scratched, screens shatter, back glass/cover and bodies break. But here’s the good news! Your phone has some best friends, and one of them is adhesive glue. This handy partner can excellently fix cracks, scratches, shattered screens, or broken phone bodies. Let’s explore some of the best adhesive glues for mobile phone repair that can come to the rescue of your beloved mobile phones.

Local UV Adhesive Glue For Mobile Phone Repair

Local UV Adhesive Glue For Mobile Phone Repair

Local UV adhesive glue is one of the best options when your Phone’s screen gets cracked. It is also known as ultraviolet adhesive glue. Loca UV Adhesive is transparent and versatile and is used in mobile phone repairs or creating a great bond between glass. It cures glass or your mobile phone’s damaged screen, touch sensors, back glass, or camera replacement quickly when exposed to UV light. Its adhesive is always strong and clear.


* Loca UV Adhesive glue dries super fast.

*It speeds up the repair process.

*It provides a transparent finish.

*It maintains the aesthetics of the repaired area.

*Suitable for various materials, especially glass and plastic.


*It is less effective for the areas not reached by the UV light.

*Loca UV adhesive glue may not be the best choice for certain materials or surfaces.

B-7000 Adhesive Glue For Mobile Phone Repair

B-7000 Adhesive Glue For Mobile Phone Repair

B-7000 adhesive glue is a popular choice for mobile phone repairs. Mostly mobile phone repair shops and technicians use it for reattaching the components, screens, and batteries after repair. It is renowned for its flexibility and strong bonding capabilities. This Adhesive glue is well-suited for various applications particularly in the intricate world of mobile phone repair.


*B-7000 adhesive glue is known for creating a durable and resilient bond.

*It adjusts well to the flexible components of mobile phones.

*It is perfectly suitable for various materials commonly found in phone construction.


*Usually, B-7000 Adhesive glue requires time to set and achieve optimal bonding.

*It has a noticeable smell during application.

*Care is needed during application for mobile/device repair with accuracy.

E6000 Craft Adhesive Glue Best For Mobile Repairing

E6000 Craft Adhesive Glue Best For Mobile Repairing

E6000 Craft Adhesive Glue is a versatile and reliable option for mobile phone repair. You can choose it without any second thought because it is well-regarded for its ability to bond with different materials. If you’re dealing with the back glass of your iPhone, the plastic body of your Oppo phones, or other common phone components, this E6000 adhesive glue proves to be the best adhesive in the mobile repair toolkit.


*E6000 adhesive glue bonds effectively with a wide range of materials.

*It Creates strong and long-lasting bonds.

*This adhesive for mobile repair provides a clear and clean finish after drying.


*It has a strong smell that can be unpleasant during application.

*E6000 adhesive glue may require some time to set completely.

*The application with accuracy needs great attention.

Loctite Super Glue Best For Mobile Repairing

Loctite Super Glue Best For Mobile Repairing

One of the best adhesives for mobile phone repair is Loctite Super Glue. It is a reliable choice for quick and small maintenance of mobile phone components. This adhesive glue is also known for its rapid bonding capability. Loctite Super Glue is suitable for various quick fixes. It’s just like having a handy adhesive to have on hand. Feel free to use this Loctite Super Glue for assembling the inner components of the phones, pasting charging coils, or other such parts while repairing mobile phones.


*Loctite Super Glue offers fast adhesion for swift repairs.

*Convenient and easy to store due to its small packaging.

*Allows for targeted applications.


*It may be less versatile for some materials.

*Loctite Super Glue is best for small-scale fixes.

*Requires caution to prevent contact with skin.

Gorilla Glue For Strong And Durable Mobile Phone Repair

Gorilla Glue For Strong And Durable Mobile Phone Repair

When you want no compromise in durability, you should opt for Gorilla Glue for mobile phone repair. It has exceptional strength and durability. This adhesive is well-known for creating strong bonds that can bear various conditions. It is recommended for joining internal components of mobile phones such as charging jack, speaker assembly, earpiece, etc. This Gorilla adhesive glue ensures your phone stays securely fixed.


*It ensures a long-lasting and sturdy bond.

*Suitable for bonding a variety of materials.

*Resists damage from exposure to water.


*This adhesive glue requires careful application as it can expand.

*Visibility on light-coloured surfaces might be a concern.

*It takes longer to dry compared to faster adhesives.

JB Weld Plastic Bonder

JB Weld Plastic Bonder

When it comes to repairing a plastic body phone or components you can do it with JB Weld Plastic Bonder. It is a special formula that makes the strongest bond for the plastic bodies. JB Weld Plastic Bonder is highly useful for mending a cracked casing or fixing a broken plastic part. This adhesive is designed to deliver a powerful and enduring bond.


*JB Weld Plastic Bonder is specifically formulated for effectively bonding plastic materials.

*Offers a relatively fast setting time.

*Creates a resilient bond suitable for resisting stresses.


*It has a noticeable chemical smell during application.

*Demands careful application for good results.

*JB Weld Plastic Bonder is primarily tailored for plastics. It may not be as effective as other materials.

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive

This selection is known for its versatility. Yes, it’s a 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive. It is an excellent choice for mobile phone repairs involving lightweight materials. The most recommended use of this best adhesive glue for mobile phone repair is when you’re fixing a loose fabric lining or reattaching a delicate component. This adhesive provides a strong and flexible bond.


*3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Suitable for a wide range of lightweight materials.

*Adheres rapidly, minimizing downtime.

*Easy and convenient to apply with a spray nozzle.


*3M Super 77 adhesive has a Chemical smell.

*Contains volatile organic compounds.(its flammable)

*Requires sufficient ventilation during application.

Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive For Mobile Phone Repairing

Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive For Mobile Phone Repairing

Specially tailored for mobile phone repairs particularly screen assemblies, touch sensors,  screen panels etc. It’s Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive for mobile phone repair. And it stands out for its precision and effectiveness. The ultrathin consistency makes the smoothest application without compromising on bond strength.


*Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive is specifically designed for intricate mobile phone components.

*Provides a reliable and durable connection.

*Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive makes sure there is minimal interference with mobile/device components.


*Kaisi King Ultrathin Adhesive is mainly suitable for screen assemblies.

*It may require sufficient time to set and cure.

*It May require some expertise for precise application.

8331D – Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive for Phone Repairs

8331D - Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive for Phone Repairs

This adhesive is known for its exactness.  It is commonly utilized in electronic repairs and it includes mobile phones. Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive is recognized for its conductive properties. It is best for repairing and reattaching the motherboards’ internal electronic components or parts in mobile phones. It ensures not only a strong bond but also electrical connectivity. It is the best Adhesive for mobile phone repairs.


*Ideal for applications requiring electrical connectivity.

*Well-suited for intricate electronic repairs.

*It is versatile in various electronic devices and repairs and is counted as the best adhesive for repairing mobile phones.


*Electron Microscope Grade Silver Epoxy Adhesive is mainly designed for electronic applications.

*It may require sufficient time to set and cure.

*Application may demand some expertise for correct results.

Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive For Repairing Mobile Phones

Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive For Repairing Mobile Phones

Are you looking for an adhesive that is not affected by the temperature?  Here is the solution. Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive is popular for its resistance to high temperatures. This Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive is widely applied in sealing and bonding applications. Its durable formulation makes it a reliable choice for various repair needs.  And we found it the best for repairing mobile phones.


*It can tolerate boosted temperatures without losing integrity.

*Effective for sealing gaps and bonding various materials.

*Provides a long-lasting and strong bond.


*Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive may require some time to adjust and cure fully.

*Specific to sealing and bonding, only for some types of repairs.

*It has a noticeable smell during application, requiring proper ventilation.

T-7000 Adhesive — The Best For Mobile Phone Repairs

T-7000 Adhesive — The Best For Mobile Phone Repairs

One of the top-ranked adhesives in the market is T-7000 adhesive. It is a popular choice in electronics, especially for its flexibility and powerful bonding properties. T-7000 adhesive’s versatile application makes it a go-to solution for mobile phone repairs.


*Adjust well to movement and bending without compromising bond strength.

*T-7000 adhesive creates a durable and resilient bond between various materials.

*Suitable for a wide range of electronic components and repairs.


*You have to wait a long time until the T-7000 adhesive

*Requires careful application due to its liquid form.

T-8000 Adhesive For Cell Phone Repairing

T-8000 Adhesive For Cell Phone Repairing

This adhesive enjoys compatibility with various materials. But first of all it makes reliable bonds in diverse repair scenarios. T-8000 adhesive is renowned for its versatility. The uniqueness makes it a preferred choice for mobile phone repairs.


*T-8000 Adheres well to different materials commonly found in mobile phones.

*Dries clear (it is great in maintaining the style and look of the repaired area).

*Form a strong bond and make sure the durability of repairs.


*It requires some time to cure properly.

*Careful application is necessary due to the T-8000 adhesive’s liquid consistency.

*A properly ventilated place is required due to its strong smell.

E-8000 Adhesive For Phone Repairing

E-8000 Adhesive For Phone Repairing

Screen fixing,  component bonding or correcting the cracks on the mobile phone’s body opt for E-8000. If you need to repair your phone and make a flexible bond, E-8000 adhesive is here. It stands out for its powerful bonding capabilities and flexibility. In short it’s an excellent choice for a wide range of repairs including those related to mobile phones.


*E-8000 adhesive ensures durable and long-lasting adhesion.

*Adjust well to different materials and surfaces.

*Dries transparent, maintaining the style and visual appeal of the repaired area.


*Requires sufficient time to cure thoroughly.

*Need expertise when applying for mobile phone repair.

F3 Mobile Phone Adhesive

F3 Mobile Phone Adhesive

F3MobilePhoneAdhesive is a specialized adhesive customized with the unique needs of mobile phone repairs in mind. Its bind is very strong and it gets transparent when dried. Many Mobile phone repair shops prefer to use F3 mobile phone adhesive.  The best use of this adhesive glue for mobile phone repair is fixing the screen, repairing touch sensors, glueing panels, and replacing batteries, earpieces and more visible or internal components.


*F3 mobile phone adhesive is designed for accurate and controlled application.

*It ensures a swift bond, reducing repair time.

*Tailored for use with mobile phone components.


*F3 mobile phone adhesive is primarily suited for mobile phone repairs.

*Careful dispensing is necessary due to its specific application.

*It requires some time to set and cure effectively.

How to Buy Adhesive Glue for Mobile Phone Repair (Your Buying Guide)

How to Buy Adhesive Glue for Mobile Phone Repair

Looking for the ideal adhesive to fix your mobile phone? With many options in the market, choosing the right cell phone repairing glue can be tricky. However, the best adhesive is a balance of features and affordability. What should you look for in a perfect bond for your phone? We have some interesting points that will help you.

Key Features to Consider

  1. A good adhesive should allow you enough time for adjustments before it hardens.
  2. Check if it’s suitable for glueing rhinestones to a cell phone case.
  3. Also make sure that you can print or write on the adhesive.
  4. Ensure it stays after the washing and drying processes.
  5. Safety is paramount. Choose a non-flammable adhesive.
  6. Opt for an adhesive that can tolerate different temperatures.
  7.  If your mobile has glass components, make sure the adhesive is compatible.

If your chosen adhesive ticks all these boxes, you’ve found the right one for your mobile repair needs. Now, let’s note some tips for applying adhesive correctly with all the Precautions.

Tips for Applying Adhesive Glue During Mobile Phone Repair

Tips for Applying Adhesive Glue During Mobile Phone Repair

Proper application of adhesive glue is crucial for a successful mobile phone repair. Follow these tips for correct bonding and a seamless repair process.

Clean Surfaces

Please make sure that the surfaces you’re bonding are clean and free from dust, grease, or any other impurities. Use isopropyl alcohol for effective cleaning before applying the adhesive glue for mobile phone repair.

Use the Right Amount

Applying the adhesive using too much pressure can lead to excess glue squeezing out. It creates a messy look and potentially affects the phone’s functionality.


Quickly position the parts together once the adhesive is applied. Most adhesives have a fast-drying nature—so precision and speed matter.


Double-check the alignment of components before the adhesive sets. Once it hardens, adjustments become difficult.

Apply Pressure On Components

After bonding, apply gentle and even pressure on the components. This ensures a tight and secure bond. Use clamps or other tools as needed.

Allow Adequate Drying Time

Different adhesives have different drying times. Follow the recommended drying time before subjecting the phone to stress or handling.

Precautions During Mobile Phone Repair


Work in a well-ventilated area or use a fume extractor. Some adhesives can release fumes that may be harmful.

Eye Protection

Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes, especially when using adhesives that may splatter.

Skin Protection

Use gloves to protect your skin from contact with adhesives, which can sometimes irritate.

Read Instructions

Carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the adhesive. Different adhesives have specific application guidelines.

Avoid Excess Glue

Prevent excess glue from entering ports, buttons, or other sensitive phone areas.

Remember, each adhesive glue for mobile phone repair may have specific instructions.  So always refer to the product guidelines for the best results.


Finally we can say that finding the right adhesive glue is like choosing a loyal friend for your cherished device/mobile phone in mobile phone repairs. From Loca UV Adhesive’s clarity to Gorilla Glue’s strength, each adhesive has its strengths.

Remember patience is key, especially with adhesives like B-7000 and E8000. While 3M Super 77 excels in lightweight fixes, Electron Microscope Grade Silver Epoxy handles intricate electronic repairs.

However The buying guide and application tips are your compass in this adhesive journey. So, repair wisely, considering your phone’s resilience, and let it continue being your trusty companion. Happy repairing!














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