OnePlus Phone Repairs in Australia

September 7, 2018



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OnePlus Phone Repairs in Australia

Looking for a OnePlus Service Centre in Australia ?

OnePlus is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in the world. This Chinese-based company was founded in 2013 and many people were skeptical about their products. But, it didn’t take much time before people have realized that they can get great smartphones at more than a reasonable price from this manufacturer.

Today, there are thousands of OnePlus device users all over Australia. People are proud of their sophisticated, well-designed and fast devices. But, all these great things about OnePlus, can’t change the fact that just like other smartphones, OnePlus devices can get broken, damaged or simply stop working. But, the good thing is that you don’t have to purchase another device just because the screen or the charge port is not working. You can look for OnePlus repairs and Screen Fixed is definitely the best option for you.

Broken OnePlus and need a repair in Australia ?

If you have any kind of problem with your OnePlus device, you should know that you can always count on Screen Fixed. In case you didn’t know, Screen Fixed is a reputable mobile device repair service provider. We are offering repair services for many different brands of smartphones and OnePlus is among them. Screen Fixed is covering Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne areas and we will be glad to help you out in our CBD repair store. We have a team of experienced and professional technicians who are familiar with the most common (and less common) problems that OnePlus users are experiencing while using their devices.

We’ve helped customers in many different situations and in the end, their mobile device was working as good as new one. Thanks to the experienced technician, advanced equipment, and premium phone parts, you can rest assured that your OnePlus phone will be repaired in no time and in the best possible way. One of the best things about Screen Fixed services is that we provide support for all OnePlus models. Yet, we will focus on the most frequent models in this blog post.

OnePlus 3 Screen Replacement & Battery Replacement Service.

OnePlus 3 was introduced back in June 2016. This was the first model with a metal uni body from OnePlus which is what made this phone look unique. At that time, this phone has excellent specs and the price was extremely low when one takes these specs into account. When it comes to OnePlus 3 repairs, we should mention that we provide repairs for OnePlus 3T too (the upgraded model).

OnePlus 5 repairs Screen and battery replacement Sydney & Brisbane.

About one year later after the introduction of OnePlus 3 (June 2017), OnePlus has unveiled another exciting model – OnePlus 5. This time, the phone had better RAM, better cameras, better processor and expandable storage space. This model too has an updated version – OnePlus 5T and we provide both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T repairs. The updated phone has a larger display which is why we usually work on screen replacement on these phones.

OnePlus 5 repairs Screen and battery replacement 

OnePlus 6 repairs coming soon to Screen Fixed Australia

Finally, the latest model that comes from this manufacturer is the OnePlus 6 model which was released in April. 2018. Despite the fact that this is a very fresh OnePlus model, some people had accidents (unintentional drops and other accidents) that have led to a problem with their OnePlus 6 phones. There are some other factors that have contributed to these problems like the all-glass design of this phone, water resistance without IP Code rating and a large display. But, all these things are not a problem for our team that can take care of all the issues in no time. We provide professional OnePlus 6 repairs that will help you use your phone again sometimes in less than 24 hours.

OnePlus 5 Screen Repairs Australia

Now let’s focus more on the type of OnePlus repair we provide. First of all, we provide screen replacements. This means that if you have broken, damaged or cracked the screen of your OnePlus device (any device) we can replace it with a new one. The process is fast and we use premium phone parts. Unlike other repair service providers, we are very careful with the devices and we won’t damage any other part in the process.

OnePlus 5 Screen Repairs Australia

OnePlus Battery & Charger Port Repairs

Next, we also have battery replacements. If your battery is becoming weaker or you can’t charge it at all, Screen Fixed will help you by providing a new battery. We are talking about high-quality batteries that should last for many hours without being charged. We also have top-notch charge port replacements. In some cases, users have problems charging their OnePlus devices and these issues are usually a result of a malfunctioning charge port. It won’t take much time for us to replace the charge part with a new, premium charge port. Now that you know what kind of OnePlus repair and replacement services you can get, it’s time to get in touch with Screen Fixed!



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