iPhone XS vs iPhone X – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

November 28, 2020


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iPhone XS vs iPhone X

When iPhone X was introduced in September 2017, iPhone fans were more than satisfied with the results (except maybe for the price). They really liked the unique design, the extra security layers and overall performance of this incredible smartphone. Just like every year, Apple has introduced a new model in September 2018. This time, the phone was called iPhone XS. As expected, this smartphone comes with a few improvements, but the real dilemma here is whether an iPhone XS vs X upgrade is worth the investment. Obviously, you can figure this out by comparing the characteristics of these two flagship models.

Screen And Display

When iPhone X was revealed in 2017, this was the first phone from the iPhone collection that had an OLED display. Of course, iPhone XS has followed the steps and both devices have a 5.8-inch screen with True Tone OLED for incredible colors and nuances. They display 458 pixels per inch. But, there’s a difference – iPhone XS supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards. You should be able to notice the difference when you are viewing 4K HDR content. They have also added a faster FaceID feature and smoother touch input. When it comes to iPhone X screen repairs vs iPhone XS screen repairs, the price and the complexity of these two activities is more or less the same and every professional repair service provider can confirm that.

Speed And Performance

When A11 Apple chipset was unveiled in 2017 it was the fastest chipset ever made at least when it comes to smartphones. But, iPhone XS comes with A12 Apple chipset which means that there’s a better chipset now. They both have Six-Core CPU, but XS comes with a Four-Core GPU while X has Three-Core GPU. Additionally, XS has 4GB RAM and M12 motion coprocessor while iPhone X features 3GB RAM and M11 motion coprocessor. Some may say that this difference is insignificant, but Apple has confirmed up to 50% in some areas.


Visually, you will find these two phones very similar. Some may not recognize any difference between them because they have exactly the same dimensions. The only difference is that iPhone XS weighs three grams (0.1 oz) more. But, there are some improvements under the hood too. For example, iPhone XS has better IP certification related to water and dust resistance. The speaker volume is noticeably more powerful in iPhone XS. The latest iPhone model comes with a dual SIM option, but only for electronic SIM cards.

Camera Comparision


As one of the most important features of every smartphone device today, we must compare the cameras of these two iPhone models too. The iPhone XS has brand new lenses that include six pieces. In addition, the primary rear camera has 12 Megapixels, portrait lighting, Quad-LED True Tone flash, and few more features. The secondary telephoto lens also has 12 Megapixels as well as 2x optical zoom. Finally, there’s a front TrueDepth camera of 7 Megapixels. Generally speaking, iPhone XS can create better photos in dark and in daylight too. You can also use the Smart HDR feature to take crystal clear photos. We should also mention that iPhone XS allows users to take Portrait photos with the help of the front camera, something that was impossible with the iPhone X.


There are two versions of iPhone X in terms of storage – 64GB and 256GB. On the other hand, iPhone XS is offering three options – 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.


To be honest, if there was one thing that iPhone X users were complaining about, that was battery life. The good thing is that Apple has listened to the complaints and the iPhone XS has a better battery. In addition, you can charge your phone faster even wirelessly. Yet, we can all agree that other high-end smartphones have better charging times and battery lives too.


As you can see, the guys from Apple have included a variety of improvements especially when it comes to the things under the hood. Externally, it looks exactly the same as iPhone X. But, even the improvements we’ve mentioned before are hard to convince the average buyer to make an upgrade like this. Many experts are advising users to wait for the next iPhone in September 2019. Additionally, if you have an older iPhone model, you can check the iPhone XR because it has all the basic features, but it’s cheaper. iPhone XS is an excellent phone, but it seems that only hardcore iPhone fans would upgrade their iPhone X to XS.



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