How to Fix: Surface Pro Camera Is Not Working

March 30, 2024



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Are the cameras of your Surface Pro not working? Don’t worry! Follow our ultimate guide to fix camera issues on your Surface Pro.

Learn all the tips and tricks to fix camera issues on the Microsoft Surface Pro!

Why Is The Camera Not Working on My Surface Pro?

Why Is The Camera Not Working on My Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro has two cameras: a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera. You can use the front camera for video conferencing while the back camera for capturing exciting photos and recording videos. Occasionally, the cameras of Microsoft Surface Pro stop working due to specific software and hardware issues. The primary causes behind the camera problems of Surface Pro are!

*The video app you are using is not detecting the camera.

*Different apps are trying to use the camera at the same time.

*Privacy settings are blocking the access to the camera.

*Antivirus software is blocking access to the Surface Pro camera.

*Outdated camera driver.

*In UEFI settings, the camera might be off.

How to Fix It When Your Microsoft Surface Camera Is Not Working

How to Fix It When Your Microsoft Surface Camera Is Not Working

You can fix camera issues of Surface Pro when the camera is not working with the help of these methods:

Restart Your Surface Pro 

Restart Your Surface Pro Restart Your Surface Pro 2

The simplest way to fix Microsoft Surface Pro camera issues is to restart it. Follow these steps to Restart your Surface Pro:

*Press the start button 

*Select power button

*Choose the Restart option.

Update Window

Update Window

Check for window updates. Also, check whether the camera driver is up-to-date. If the camera driver is outdated, download and install new drivers. Consequently, it may fix the camera issue caused by an outdated driver.

Device Manager

Device Manager

*Open the device manager.

*Check If Microsoft Camera Front or Microsoft Camera Rear has a down arrow beside it.

*The down arrow means the camera is off. 

*Enable the front and rear cameras in the device manager. It will fix the camera issues.

Surface UEFI Settings

Surface UEFI settings

*To Boot into UEFI mode, follow these steps:

*Shut down your Surface Pro.

*Hold down the Volume Up button and press the Power button. 

*Keep holding the Volume Up button until the Surface UEFI appears.

*Choose the Devices from the menu on the left side.

*The list of all the system devices will appear.

*Find the Front Camera and Rear Camera from the lust.

*Enable the front and rear cameras.

Check Antivirus Settings

Check Antivirus Settings

*Check your antivirus software settings to ensure it is not blocking the camera. 

*Turn off your antivirus temporarily to confirm if the camera problem is not due to antivirus.

Camera Privacy Setting

Camera Privacy Setting

*Follow these steps to check your privacy settings:

*Open the Camera privacy

*Make sure that the slider for camera access is on.

*You will also see a list of apps. Make sure that the app you want to use with the camera has access to open the camera.

Reinstall The Camera Device

Reinstall The Camera Device

*Open Device Manager

*Right-click on Microsoft Camera Front or Microsoft Camera Rear.

*Uninstall it.

*Now, choose Action from the menu at the top of Device Manager.

*Select Scan for hardware changes.

*The camera you have just uninstalled will reinstall.

*It will again appear in the Device Manager.

Camera Replacement 

Camera Replacement

If all the above tips and tricks do not work for you, it means there is a hardware fault with the cameras on your Surface Pro. Attach an external USB webcam and open it. If the external webcam works appropriately, your Surface Pro front or back camera is faulty.

Wrapping Up

With our tips and tricks, you may fix the front and back camera issues on your Microsoft Surface Pro. Detect the cause of camera failure and resolve it with our guide. Happy fixing!




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