The Confusion and Truths About iPhone Water Damage Repairs

April 25, 2018


iPhone Repair

iPhone Water Damage Repairs ? Yes – You’ll Need one if your device has gone for a swim!

So we all know someone who has had a Clumsy Moment when it comes to Phones and Water. Its even said that 1 in 5 people accidentally drop their phones in the Loo but its not as uncommon as what you thought.

Whether you have gone for a dip in the pool or a swim at the beach sometimes it slips our minds that we have our lifeline in our pocket still but here are the do’s and Dont’s when it comes to Liquid Damage:

iPhone water damage recoveries

Don’t – Charge your iPhone before a water damage repair

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when their device takes a dip, you should never plug your phone in as we all know water and electricity are no team, Instead remove your battery (If possible) that way there is no risk of Frying your Motherboard. If you can’t remove your battery and your phone is still on Power your phone down immediately to lower any chances of anymore damage.

Don’t – Continue using your iPhone as normal

Using your phone while there is still liquid inside is a silly move as this will open your device up to more and more problems. Example if you open your camera your sending a current from the brain of your phone to the camera module itself and if some water has hitched a ride then your sending an electrical current that your camera can’t handle rendering it useless and Possibly Non-Repairable. Same applies to other components such as Speakers, Microphones, External Buttons and Wifi/Bluetooth Modules.

Don’t – Put your iPhone in a container of Rice

Rice is an ingredient for cooking with and to be Consumed NOT an alternative for taking your phone in to get Looked at and repaired by a Professional.

Now you may like to think that putting your phone in a bowl of rice and leaving it in for a couple of days is a Magical Fix for water damage and even like to imagine that each Rice Grain is a mini technician working on your phone to get it working again but this is not the case and yes we have heard stories of people doing this and saying it works but just remember these are the people who dropped their phone in the water to begin with…

iPhone water damage tips

Of course its common Knowledge that rice can absorb Water So it can dry your phone out right? Well Yes and No. Its true it can absorb some of the water that has snuck into your phone but this is not what we want as when the water dries on electrical components it corrodes and rusts which may get your phone going for hours or even days but we don’t buy an expensive phone to only be able to use it for a few days right?

Do – Not Panic – Your iPhone is not dead yet !

I know right, how can you not panic when one of your most loved possessions have gone for a swim when they shouldn’t have well as a Smart device repair technician ill let you know a secret.. We have more of a chance of getting your phone working again like normal or enough to save your data by attacking it within 24 hours of the initial Mistake. The longer you leave your phone with Liquid inside the less of a chance you have to save your phone or Get it working at all.

Do – Take it into an iPhone Repair centre such as Screen Fixed

Taking your phone in to an iPhone repair shop is your best chance of saving your device as they would have the equipment and tools to get inside your phone and get started with treating the Liquid Damage by removing all modular components and cleaning them individually while your motherboard is Bathing in a Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.Screen Fixed logo

If its not possible to get to a repair shop straight away or open your phone yourself then just ensure your device is powered off and again don’t plug your phone in.
As an extreme measure you can buy a large bottle of isopropyl alcohol and just put your phone in a container with it as this while soak inside and preserve your motherboard until it can get looked at professionally now this method is not highly recommended but all your components are replaceable but your data is not (Only use this Method if you can’t take it elsewhere within a reasonable time frame)

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