Will Apple repair my MacBook Screen?

March 3, 2020


MacBook Repairs

By ben

MacBook for repair at screen fixed

Is your MacBook screen broken? Or maybe you are experiencing some other problems with the screen? Regardless of the answer, you are probably looking for a way to resolve this issue and getting your MacBook to the place where you have probably bought it (an Apple store) usually sounds like a good idea. However, it’s not always like that.

Many people in Australia and other places where Apple stores exist are wondering whether Apple will repair their MacBook screen regardless of the type of problem they are dealing with (cracked screen, shattered screen, white/black lines on the screen, etc). The answer to this question is affirmative. So, yes, Apple can repair your MacBook screen, but the question you should ask is whether you should leave your device in the hands of its technicians. Many users will confirm that it’s better to repair your MacBook screen in an independent repair store specialized in Apple products than to repair it an official Apple store and it seems that there are many good reasons for that. At Screen Fixed, as one of the leading independent repair stores focused on Apple products, we can confirm that.

Why is it better to use repair services like Screen Fixed than Apple?

We will now highlight a few things that make the use of repair service providers like Screen Fixed an excellent option.

For starters, it’s the cost. Without any doubt, a repair conducted by an official Apple store will cost you more. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about MacBook screen repair or another kind of repair, you can always expect to pay way more in Apple stores. At Screen Fixed, we will save you some money.

The good thing is that this cheaper service that we provide doesn’t affect the quality of work, at least when it comes to us. We use premium parts that guarantee long-term positive results. 

Another thing that we would like to mention is the time needed for these repairs. If you use the help of Apple stores, you will get the job done, but it usually takes significantly more time for their technicians to complete this task. Screen Fixed has a team of technicians who are fast. Of course, they are not just fast, they are also knowledgeable, trained and qualified for this type of job. In other words, you can rest assured that your MacBook screen will be repaired in the best possible way in no time.

Some of the models we fix

MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 – 2017 A1708 and A1706 Repairs
MacBook Pro 15″ 2016 – 2017 A1707 Repairs
MacBook Pro 13″ 2013 – 2015 A1502 Repairs
MacBook Air 13″ 2012 – 2017 A1466 Repairs
MacBook 12″ 2015-2017 Repairs

At Screen Fixed, we treat our customers with respect regardless of their needs. Before we start working on your MacBook, we will ask you whether you want to delete the data or you want to keep it (if possible). Normally, Apple stores will delete your device’s data by default. Having an option to choose is obviously a big plus for all users in our opinion. If you are looking for MacBook screen repair services don’t hesitate to call Screen Fixed at any time. 

Apple does not sell parts to third-party repair companies like Screen Fixed. We source our parts from “New” or “As New” MacBook devices which will have little wear. These parts are fully functional and come with our 2 Year iRon-Clad Warranty.



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