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December 13, 2015


iPhone Repair

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Word on the street is that Apple have half a dozen prototypes for the new model iPhone (known from now on as the iPhone 7), and even though its been a scant few months since the release of the iPhone6s, the rumour mill is working over time about what will and what wont be included. Read on to find out the hottest prospects.

The experts that follow this industry closely are apparently expecting some huge changes. The s upgrade this year saw a few big jumps, things like the 3D touch, the better camera (front and back) as well as 4K video – but the experts are saying that we haven’t seen anything yet….

Now is as good a time as any to mention this, but be aware, with the release of the phone ten months away, any  ‘predictions’ are speculative at best, but that’s the fun part, right?

Skinny mini

First up. The size of the phone is predicted to change, and most of you will agree that’s a safe bet, the iPhone has been shedding the sizes as it goes on, and the current magic number is said to be between 6 to 61/2 mm thick – how will it be thinner and still have a decent battery, who knows, but word is it will also have varying sizes of RAM.

Just like the new 6s getting the first RAM boot in generations, the same is likely to happen again, with the larger ‘plus’ size coming standard with 3GB.

Lets just hope Apple drop the 16GB versions of the phone, and have a larger 256GB version, all these 4K videos take up room.

Sticky fingers

Unless you’ve been under a rock with your iPhone 3G, you will have experienced a Home button that also doubles for a fingerprint reader (the 6s version is so fast now that I thought it wasn’t turned on at first). According to more sources, they report that Apple has a patent that would allow fingerprint scanning to be shifted to the main screen.

What that means in a nutshell is no Home button, and what that means is that the iPhone could have an edge to edge screen. And while we’re talking about screens, a tiny rumour is going around about a change from LCD to OLED, if it’s going to happen with the iPhone 7, then it will be a first for the Apple flagship.

In the same breath there is also talk of a 4K resolution screen, which to be honest , it needs. If it’s one thing the iPhone has fallen behind in is screen resolution, so a jump to 4K would be a great recovery. But again as with anything mentioned here, we really won’t know until it’s in our hands, what might actually be true right now, may end up changing by the time it hits retail.

Lightning fast

Theirs only so much you can do make something smaller, one of the most logical things is to remove something – Apple love to streamline stuff. So, what can go then? Well, how about the 3.5mm headphone jack? A pretty sensible idea (unless you just bought that awesome new pair of $800 headphones), as the Lightning port can carry audio.

The issue of course is that the 3.5mm jack has been THE standard for centuries, but Apple love to drive the market, to be leaders, if memory serves me correctly, they were the first company to sell a home computer without a floppy drive – madness they said at the time – what’s a floppy drive I hear you say now…

What it would require though is two things, either companies develop iPhone versions of their brand range, or probably more likely (for now) an adaptor.

Now, there’s another rumour. One only heard in whispers from dark alleyways. The talk is suggesting that the iPhone 7 won’t just be missing the 3.5 jack, but the Lightning connector as well. In its place will be something they’re already using in the latest MacBook models, USB-C – cue dramatic music sting!

Remember, before you get worked up, no one really knows right now – hey maybe we’ll get an RF connector…


I remember one of the rumours for the iPhone 6 was that it was going to be waterproof. As we saw, that didn’t happen. That’s not to say it wasn’t going to though, Apple have patents that show a shutter system that they have created (and Samsung can steal) that block all the parts that don’t like water, or dust for that matter.

Thankfully we here at Screen Fixed only handle screen, or else we might be worried about a dip in customers, as this feature (if accurate) could save iPhone users from some expensive repairs.

Look Ma, no hands…

As much as Apple have been leaders in the smart phone wars, they have lagged behind in the most ‘gadget’ type areas that you would think, Apple being Apple, would have sewn up.

One area is the wireless charging arena. Well, that’s about to (possibly) change, and it would make sense if they were going with a super-thin design. At the moment, I can’t find any word on what sort of wireless charging that might be incorporated, either existing technology or something of their own design, I’m sure as we get closer to that release date, things will slip.

For now, that’s all I can dig up, but if you find anything we haven’t reported here, feel free to leave a comment below.

And rest assured that no matter what type of iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter, the fine technicians here at Screen Fixed will always be able to fix those smashed screens, and remember, we do it right the first time.



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