Superior iPhone LCD Repair Kits

Some popular brands that always give us something innovative are Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, LG, and HTC to name a few. However, the most sought after device remains the beautiful Apple iPhone, the iconic device comes with a range of amazing features. Coupled with quality the product justifies its premium price as well as fan following.

The popularity of iPhone is not just limited to westernized countries, demand for the device is growing at a staggering pace across all corners of the globe. iPhone lovers keep a track of the latest updates to keep their beloved device running smoothly. The latest models available in the market today are the iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s , iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One of the biggest downsides to the iPhone and perhaps all smartphones is that if it sustains a drop to concrete (or anything that’s not jelly), you can bet your bottom dollar that your screen will break into a million pieces. Not to worry…

Screen Fix Brisbaneis your one stop iPhone repair shop, we take pride in putting you, the customer first. You can purchase our iPhone LCD replacement kits online or you can pop on down to the repair shop and have your device repaired well you wait. We are trying to simplify the supply chain, to make the process as customer focused as possible. This December we will be launching a new line of products; iPhone LCD replacement kits.


iPhone lcd screen repair DIY kits

What is an iPhone LCD replacement kit ?

Screen Fix Brisbane is providing an effective solution to repair your iPhone on your own. The good guys at Screen Fix Brisbane are offering a unique, tested and dependable iPhone repair kit that can help users not only save money, but also share in the great sense of achievement that comes with doing it yourself! Screen Fix has been moving mountains to bring an optimal line of repair kits to the customer. Today there are too many iPhones that sustain damage only to end up in the back of your sock draw, it’s time to change that.

In short, Screen Fix Brisbane is giving you superior components and superior tools so you can get the job done. You can easily repair your iPhone without putting in too much effort or spending a lot of money. The best thing is that you don’t need to depend on anybody else, Screen Fix now gives you the resources you need to easily repair your device from the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Our iPhone LCD Replacement Kits?

• Prices That Don’t Break The Bank

Not only is doing it yourself fun and liberating, it also saves you money! Screen Fix Brisbane is offering ‘Do it yourself’ iPhone LCD screen replacement kits starting at $49.00. The best bit about it is our superior parts are backed with a 1 –year warranty. The kit also comes with an easy to follow guild so you can successfully repair your iPhone.

• Superior Tools And Parts

In our pursuit of customer satisfaction, we’ve found that attaining such reputation can really only come from two things; offering what we call “superior parts” coupled with “killer customer service”.

• Guaranteed Satisfaction – 1 Year Warranty

Screen Fix guarantees value in every repair kit, All parts are the very best quality. We say “Superior” grade parts or no parts, your iPhone is something you use every day, don’t replace your device with anything but the best. Screen Fix pledges a 1- year warranty on all parts sold.

• Suitable For All iPhones

We offer a wide range of iPhone screen replacement kits for the iPhone line. Currently we have; iPhone 5c lcd replacement kits , iPhone 5 lcd replacement kits , iPhone 5s LCD replacement kits , iPhone 4s replacement kits and more.

• Step By Step Guide And Instructions

The repair kit comes with simple to follow, step by step instructions which allow you to perform the repair with ease. We also send you a link to a relevant repair video, this makes things super easy. Just in case you do happen to get stuck, we have a friendly customer service team who can assist you should this unlikely scenario play out.

iPhone Screen Replacement Kit Contents

Listed below is the key components that make up the repair kit.

iPhone lcd screen replacement kits details

• Superior iPhone 5s Screen Replacement (LCD)

• Superior Phillips screwdriver

• Superior Pentalobe Screwdriver

• Superior Flat Head Screwdriver

• Superior Nylon Pry Tool

• Superior Suction Cup

• YouTube Repair Video 3M

• Replacement Adhesive

• SIM Opening Tool

• Cleaning Cloth made with Micro Fiber

Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Screen Fix Team

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