Six Most Famous Unlimited Data Plans Australia

November 12, 2023


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Australia has seen a change in the way people access and consume digital content thanks to the unlimited data plan. These projects, which are often connected to the Internet and mobile services. They give users the flexibility to use data without traditional data restrictions. Over the past 20 years, Australia has seen a significant evolution in the availability of unlimited data plans.

As our dependence on digital connectivity is increasing, In today’s world, unlimited data plans are becoming a necessity. Without worrying about running out of data, watch yourself working from home, playing online games, or streaming your favorite shows. Now you can freely explore the world of the Internet without any restrictions.

We will explore how unlimited data has become the cornerstone of the digital age. Because we trace the journey of an unlimited data plan, These demonstrate their benefits and their challenges in the ever-changing landscape of Australia’s digital connectivity. Join with us As we explore the fascinating story of unlimited data offerings in Australia, find out their origin. increase in their popularity. And look at the current situation. (from the initial innovators who introduced these plans to the major companies dominating the market today).

What does endless or unlimited data actually mean to Australian telcos?

Mobile plans with unlimited data are offered by Australia’s three main telecom providers Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. It is very important to note that these plans are not advertised as “unlimited” due to certain technical constraints, especially related to speed limits. Felix Mobile also provides an unlimited data package. But there’s also a catch. The speed is limited to 20 Mbps. It doesn’t matter how much you use.

Similarly, Belonging and Dodo have recently adopted a “no extra charge” policy. You can continue to use your plan even after you’ve used up all of your basic data allocation. However, the data speed will be limited to 1Mbps. This ensures that you don’t have to pay more to stay connected.

The Rise of Unlimited Data Plans

Although this may seem like a recent development, the actual history of unlimited data plans is much longer than you can imagine. The transition to these all-inclusive data plans began in Australia in the early 2000s, when mobile data was still in its infancy. There are three stages in the development of an unlimited data plan: launch, ascent and present.

Phase 1: The Introduction

Unlimited data plans were introduced in Australia in the mid-2000s. They were available for most fixed-line broadband connections at the time. The first to introduce these deals were providers such as iNet, TPG and Optus. The first unlimited data plans were for individuals and businesses with high data usage.

During this time, users could enjoy access to the Internet without having to constantly worry about surpassing data caps. Which was the main attraction of the unlimited data plan. This in turn made streaming, playing online games, and other data-driven activities possible.

Phase 2: The Rise

In Australia, unlimited mobile data plans began to become popular in the mid-to-late 2010s. The ability to manage large amounts of data was made possible by the introduction of 4G technology. Telecom companies such as Vodafone, Optus and Telstra joined the battle for unlimited data in the hope of taking a slice of the growing industry.

With a fixed monthly cost, these plans became more reasonably priced and gave users access to unlimited data. For the first time, people could use their cell phones without having to constantly check their data usage. And the popularity of Netflix and YouTube, as well as other video streaming services, increased the demand for unlimited bandwidth.

Phase 3: The Current State

In today’s Australian telecom market, unlimited data plans are standard. These now include home broadband and mobile broadband plans, in addition to fixed line and mobile services. There is intense rivalry for consumer attention from both the larger, more established telcos and the smaller, more agile competitors.

Six Unlimited Data Plans Australia

The six major carriers have shaped Australia’s unlimited data package market in significant ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key figures and their contributions:

1- Felix

Felix Mobile distinguishes itself by offering a mobile package that includes unlimited calls and texts with unlimited data subject to speed limits. With the 20 Mbps speed cap, users can enjoy unlimited data. It is important to note that Felix Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G network, Which is still less extensive than networks like Optus and Telstra. It covers a large part of Australia.

However, Flex Mobile’s only $40 SIM package is the most desirable choice right now for those looking for a reasonably priced, truly unlimited data plan.

2- Vodafone

Vodafone, which has recently merged with TPG Telecom, Unlimited Data is a notable supplier of plans.

Vodafone updated its premium “unlimited” plan in January 2023 to match the data caps on its other plan offers. Users who sign up for this updated plan will get 300 GB of high-speed internet per month. After this, the data rate will be reduced to 2 Mbps.

At its standard prices, this all-inclusive plan costs $55 per month. With 150GB of data, it also includes unlimited international talk and text in Zone 1 countries, 300 minutes of free call time in Zone 2 countries, and unlimited local talk and text. If customers are unhappy with the service, Vodafone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3- Telstra

Australia’s largest and most well-known telecom company Telstra has paved the way for the introduction of unlimited data plans. At $72, Telstra offers its Essential Upfront Plan. It provides users with 180GB of data. This most comprehensive deal comes with the benefit of low-event cinema movie tickets, data-free Apple Music streaming, unlimited calls and texts, and access to 5G on Australia’s largest mobile network.

This plan is notable for not charging for excessive data usage. If you go over the limit of the allocated data, There will be no more fees. Instead, the data speed will be limited to 1.5 Mbps. Your upload and download speed is greatly affected by this reduction, This will significantly change the way you use the internet.

4- Optus

All of Optus’s SIM-only plans provide unlimited data. However, after you’ve used up your allocated data limit, the speed drops to 1.5 Mbps. Optus $49 Choice package, which offers unlimited calls and texts, along with 30GB of high-speed data, It is a suggested package. This is similar to your current plan if your basic requirement is unlimited data and you can live with a speed restriction of 1.5 Mbps.

Optus has a number of different SIM plans available with fast bandwidth. But in some situations, it may be more economical to find a different supplier such as Circles.

5- Belong

Are you trying to find a more affordable way to use the Telstra network to access unlimited amounts of data? MVNO Belong, which operates under Telstra, recently removed excessive data fees from its mobile contracts. You can use unlimited amounts of data. Even if you use more than your allotted amount, the speed of your data will be limited to 1 Mbps.

Although this speed may not be as fast as some other providers, Still it is enough to browse the internet at a basic level. If you need a faster internet connection, you can also get an extra 5GB for just $10.

This policy applies to all users of the Belonging Mobile Plan. Our high-end package, which costs $45, 100 GB of data for $45. This is a more affordable option than the more expensive unlimited data plans offered by major telecom companies like Telstra and Optus.

6- Dodo

All of Dodo Mobile’s mobile plans have been significantly improved recently. The Dodo Mobile $20 Mobile Plan is one of their more attractive options. The plan comes with a monthly internet allocation of 15GB, $100 in international call credits, and unlimited national calls and texts. When the user’s monthly data allocation is exhausted, the total network will not be disconnected; instead, their connection speed will be limited to 1 Mbps.

The fact is that new users who join before February 27, 2024, will receive 30 GB of data for the standard $20 price in the first three months of their subscription. Which makes bargaining even more attractive. After this initial three-month period, the plan returns to the 15GB monthly data allocation that it originally had.

Endless data speeds in Australia

Provider Endless data speed (Mbps) Max speed data included? Postpaid Postpaid
Felix Mobile 20 No N/A Yes
Vodafone 2 Yes Yes Yes
Telstra 1.5 Yes No Yes
Optus 1.5 Yes No Yes
Belong 1 Yes No Yes
Dodo 1 Yes No Yes

Benefits of Unlimited Data Plans

Unlimited data plans have gained popularity in Australia for several compelling reasons:

No Data Caps

The most obvious benefit of unlimited data plans is the absence of data caps. Users can browse, stream, download, and upload as much content as they want without worrying about additional charges or speed throttling. This freedom is especially valuable for heavy data users.


Unlimited data plans are easy to use. Since the use of data does not need to be constantly monitored, Therefore, families and individuals can easily enjoy continuous access to the internet. This facility is available for both mobile and fixed line contracts.


Various configurations of unlimited data plans are available to meet different demands. To fit their lifestyle, customers can choose from a variety of mobile, home broadband and mobile broadband options. Because of its adaptability, there is a plan for everyone, No matter how much data they use.

Streaming and Gaming

Streamers and gamers can benefit greatly from an unlimited data subscription. A lot of data can be consumed through streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as gaming apps like Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Users who have an unlimited number of packages are free to engage in these activities.

Value for Money

Plans with unlimited data often provide better value for money. When compared to earlier plans that included data restrictions. They are an affordable option for many people. Because they offer customers reasonable cost and unrestricted access.


Businesses and remote workers can also take advantage of the unlimited data subscription. More and more people are using cloud-based services and working from home. Having unlimited data ensures continuous productivity.

The Future of Unlimited Data Plans

The future of unlimited data plans in Australia is promising, with further expansion and innovation expected in the coming years. Some key trends and developments to watch for include.

5G Integration

The faster and more reliable connection is expected to benefit the unlimited data plan. 5G networks are being rolled out across Australia. 5G technology is expected to bring ultra-fast speeds and minimal latency. This will create new opportunities for applications that require large amounts of data. such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things. (IoT).

Enhanced Customer Experience

Telecom companies are spending money on enhancing user experiences for their customers. This includes easy-to-use apps, easy billing, and better customer service. Providers will prioritize improving the user experience for their customers. This will make it easier for users to manage their unlimited data plans.

Competitive Pricing

Telecom companies will continue to compete. That’s good news for consumers. It is expected that the cost of unlimited data plans will increase, making them open to a wider variety of users.

Data Speeds and Performance

To provide customers with faster and more reliable data speeds, providers will continue to invest in network infrastructure. Although there are no data restrictions with the unlimited data plan, Customers will prefer the quality of service and reliable high-speed performance.

Innovative Bundles

Innovative packages that combine an unlimited data plan with additional services. can be provided by suppliers. Some hobbies, including entertainment, gaming, or smart home integration, can be met with these bundles.


In Australia, unlimited data plans have evolved significantly. who are moving from specialist products to widely available options. They offer convenience, flexibility, and good value for money. Which has completely changed the way Australians use the Internet.

The future of digital connectivity is expected to be significantly shaped by unlimited data plans. Because the telecommunications industry is constantly changing. The future of unlimited data plans in Australia looks bright. Which includes 5G technology, better customer experiences, competitive pricing, and creative bundles on the horizon.

Users should carefully review their usage patterns, as well as network coverage, contract terms, additional services, pricing, customer reviews, and future proof to get the most out of these plans. Australians will then be able to choose the ideal unlimited data plan that meets their needs and welcomes the era of constant connectivity.




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