Right to Repair your iPhone Screen in Australia

August 26, 2018



Right to Repair your iPhone Screen in Australia

We all Deserve the right to repair our iPhone or Mac Book outside of Apple

Since the introduction of the iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X, there has been the whole ambient light sensor fiasco. If you replaced the screen on any of these phones, the sensor that controls the auto-brightness would completely stop working, whether it was on an actual Apple screen or not. Phone technicians have since figured out a couple work-around, but just like error 53, it’s still up in the air whether this was truly a design flaw by Apple or something more nefarious.

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Based on what we’ve seen from the newest models of Apple’s laptops and computers, Apple is already starting to make their computers more difficult to repair. They’ve started soldering in parts that in no way need to be. Beginning all the way back with the 2010 Mac book Air, the memory, or RAM, has been soldered to the main board, making it essentially impossible to upgrade or repair. In 2016, they started to solder the HARD DRIVES to the main boards in the Mac book Pro. You would never be able to upgrade your hard drive space ever again. The soldering work Apple is putting into these components is completely unnecessary. The only reasoning I can think of is to make repairs and upgrades next to impossible.

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I fear that if the right to repair bills are passed, then this pattern of making repair extremely difficult will increase exponentially. If they can’t force us to stop doing repairs legally, they will do it physically. We may be able to repair other smartphones initially, but other companies have a pattern of letting Apple test the waters with controversial ideas and then copying them later. Apple got rid of the headphone jack and we ALL complained… but we still bought the iPhone 7, and now most modern smartphones have dropped the headphone jack as well. The iPhone X introduced the infamous “notch” at the top of the screen, and while less controversial, immediately began to be copied. If Apple makes it impossible for us to physically repair their products, then the other smartphone companies will follow suit.

Apple – Right to Repair Legislation Australia

That’s why I feel the best course of action is to just let things stay as they are. I know most other technicians will disagree with me, and that’s completely understandable. We 100% should be able to legally repair whatever we want. But right now, business is good, and changing anything at this point could shake things up unpredictably. I have a strong feeling that these bills will be passed, and hopefully I am completely wrong about how Apple will react. If I’m not, hopefully how Apple makes their devices impossible to repair will hit the public eye in the same way the right to repair bills have today, and we can once more battle Apple alongside each other.

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