PUMPED to Announce the Acquisition of Driveby Repairs 

August 16, 2020



By ben

Getting back to on-site repairs with DriveBy

Screen Fixed mobile phone repairs is PUMPED to announce Driveby Repairs 1300DriveBy is now part of the family. Ben the managing director of Screen Fixed said “We were looking for a way to get back to our roots.

Doing screen repairs in someone’s house while convenient, brought challenges. There is the risk of a repair tech knocking over that $10,000 statue or even something as simple as dust from a dirty environment getting into a sensitive repair. Setting up a work area with correct lighting and bulky tools was not a scalable solution for professional device repairs.

In 2016 Screen Fixed moved to an office location in Brisbane CBD soon expanding to Melbourne and Sydney. Here quality control became easier as did the ability to operate bulkier more precise tooling. 

As these Screen Fixed hubs got busier, onsite repairs became less of a focus. Yet, people were traveling from as far away as Byron Bay to have their phones repaired.  This was due to Screen Fixed offering the largest range of same repairs for consumer devices in Australia. iPhone and Samsung screens are standard for other shops to service. Screen Fixed also serve customers with more obscure less known devices like OnePlus, Nokia, Huawei, LG, Google, Apple Watch, MacBook, ASUS, Sony, Oppo and more.

To be able to cater to a wide market and onsite in people’s homes Ben decided he needed a large dedicated van. “A friend told me Driveby was for sale on the Gold Coast with a good van and fabulous reputation”
Ben called Dean and they negotiated the sale for June 30. The van is like a moving workshop. Fitted with shelving, racks, microscope and a soldering station. This means your repair can be completed with all the care and quality as Screen Fixed’s CBD repair shops.

Driveby repairs will now have a wider range of repair options, not just Samsung and iPhone.  As covid brings uncertain times people are opting to stay home where possible. Both Screen Fixed and Driveby have a rigorous device sanitation process’ to reduce the spread on Covid-19. Driveby takes this further allowing you to have your device repaired where it suits best – at home, in a cafe or at the office.

Ben sees the Driveby on-site repair solution expanding to Sydney and Melbourne as the Gold Coast operation proves itself.

“We’re looking for someone passionate about tech, experienced or not. Our world class training and quality systems enable people to be out on their own within three months from scratch.” “We developed systems like this to ensure consistent quality. Getting it right first up makes all the difference. Because of this our repeat customer base has grown exponentially since launching in 2015”.

Driveby will operate separately but also do any onsite repairs for Screen Fixed customers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The bottom line is Screen fixed and Driveby sell TIME. If your device is broken or playing up and you need if repaired from home, call Driveby on 1300 driveby. If you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney go to https://www.screenfixed.com.au. All repairs come with Screen Fixed’s 24 month warranty. 

On behalf of the team at Screen Fixed, we’d like to thank Dean and Dion Bader for building a great company, we look forward to growing DriveBy Repairs across SE Queensland.



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