How to Repair your Google Pixel 2 Screen

November 18, 2017


Google Pixel Phone In Australia

Cracked Google Pixel Glass? Need a repair? Live in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne?

There is nothing more discouraging than a cracked screen on your Google Pixel. Even if the phone screen is still usable and visible, the spider cracks eventually grow and the annoyance of the fractures weigh constantly on your mind. What is even worse is having the rear screen glass cracked as well. This can instantly make a bad day the worse ever as cracks on the rear glass of the Google Pixel will assuredly render your pictures and videos unusable since the camera lens is there. Thankfully, rear screen repair for your Google Pixel is an easy repair job for your local smartphone repair professionals Screen Fixed. Rear Glass modules can be replaced to look like new.

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Google Pixel Rear Glass Repair Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne

Screen Fixed has licensed repair professionals that use only original manufacturer equipment in their repairs to make sure the job lasts. Google Pixel Rear glass repair jobs typically take 30 minutes at a cost starting at only $79. Just take your damaged Google Pixel into one of our storefronts located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and we’ll have you capturing your digital memories again in no time! Screen Fixed will have your Google Pixel  looking like new !

Google Pixel Repairs and Screen Fixed go back a long time!

We started out repairing the Pixel when it launched late last year. We knew at launch it was a product line that will be here to stay. If you damage your Google Pixel 2, trust Screen Fixed to handle the repair. Repairs can be completed at your home or office in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. On-site repair won’t work for you? No problems – come to one of our CBD drop-in Repairs centres across Australia.

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