Few Things You Should Know About The iPhone XS Photo Leak

August 31, 2018



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Things You Should Know About The iPhone XS Photo Leak

Will iPhone XS Gorilla Glass 6 Stop the Need for Screen Repairs ?

About nine months ago, Apple has introduced the iPhone X. As expected, this was the best smartphone manufactured by Apple so far. Most customers were fascinated by the build quality and the stunning display. The same goes for the camera. The only thing that was “controversial” was the sensor housing notch and the brand new authentication procedure. Some people liked these things while others were skeptical. In any case, the mixed reception of these things will certainly help the guys from Apple to create an even better smartphone.

iPhone XS Leak: What Can We Expect?

When we are talking about iPhone X’s successor, it’s worth mentioning that it already has a name – iPhone XS. There are many iPhone XS rumors out there and some of them are true while others are less true. What’s known for sure is that in less than 15 days, Apple will throw a special event where it is expected to reveal the appearance and features of their new phone. However, the hardcore fans of this device have already found sources that have leaked images and information to them. With the latest iPhone XS leak, we’ve got a better picture about what people can expect from this mobile device.

9to5mac iPhone XS Leak

9to5mac iPhone XS Photo Leak

According to the rumors and judging by the iPhone XS leaked images, we will get a chance to choose between two different iPhone models. Yet, the only name we have for the new device is iPhone XS. It’s worth mentioning that people were talking about a third iPhone model this year, but for some reason, the leaked images have just two models. It’s clear that we’ll deal with edge-to-edge screen devices which lack a standard home button. This is not a surprise because iPhone X has already left the classic home button concept. Another thing that caught the attention of hardcore iPhone fans is that one of the models is significantly larger compared to the other. The first thing you’ll notice about this phone is that it comes with an elegant black design and fancy gold design.

All New iPhone XS Australia

How The iPhone XS Compares to older iPhone X

When it comes to the screens, rumors are that these two models will have OLED screens – 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches wide respectively. Of course, many people are interested in the phone’s hardware, but we must say that there are no solid leads that can help us build a better picture of the performance of this phone. Given that Apple has already released A11 Bionic chip, it won’t be a surprise if the new iPhone XS comes with an upgraded chip. This will make the iPhone faster than most Android phones especially if it’s true that iPhone XS will come with a 4GB RAM. The storage space will probably remain the same – 64 GB. What may be different is the upgradeable storage space. iPhone X can be upgraded to 256GB, but it won’t be unusual if iPhone XS allows an upgrade that will reach up to 512GB. Unfortunately, we still don’t have information about the cameras found on this phone.

iPhone XS OLED Replacement Part

How Much Will The New iPhone XS Cost?

So, iPhone XS will definitely be a great phone, but how much money will it cost? This is information that we can’t share because there are no news in this field. Yet, there are some experts who believe that it’s not difficult to predict the final price of this product. Last year, iPhone X reached a price of above one thousand dollars. Many people believed that this amount of money is too high for a smartphone, but thousands of people didn’t share their opinion. So, it’s easy to predict that Apple will keep the same price or even come up with a higher prize. It’s simple market mathematics – if there’s demand, the prices will go up. As we all know, the iPhone is always in high demand and every year more and more people are interested in buying this high-quality mobile device. Obviously, the final price will depend on the upgrades and improvements as well as the usefulness of the new features present in the new iPhone XS model (or models).

iPhone XS Release Date Australia

Now that you know how cool iPhone XS will be, it’s time to talk about the release date. iPhone X was released in November 2017. However, we can’t take this date as a starting point because there were some technical difficulties that have postponed the global release of this phone. Apple has probably made a better plan this year and this may give them a chance to release the phone earlier. In order to find out more about iPhone XS, you should wait for the Apple’s Cupertino campus event on 12 September. This is the day when Apple will unveil the release date and share the most important features and characteristics of this smartphone with the public.



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