Google Pixel 5 Screen Repairs in Australia

January 26, 2021


Google Pixel

Google Pixel 5 is a very popular brand and model of smartphone that many people use. However, despite the fact that it uses cutting-edge technology in its design – the device is not foolproof. One of the most vulnerable parts of the Google Pixel 5 phone, and sadly, one of the most vital parts for everyday use, is the screen. The screen can break and shatter upon any significant fall. But the important thing to note is that even though the screen may be dead – this doesn’t mean that the device is useless. You can still get your screen replaced and fixed for a fraction of the cost of the entire Google Pixel 5 phone. Screen Fixed Australia hold stock of parts for your Google Pixel 5 Screen Replacement at each of our repair centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD.

Screen Fixed repair shops for Pixel 5

And the best way to go about it is to visit our Screen Fixed repair shop. You can book repair online on our website in a matter of minutes, and then you can drop the device at our Brisbane, Sidney, or Melbourne repair stores. Of course, if you can’t drop off your broken Pixel 5 personally – you can utilise Screen Fixed’s Express mail-in service. Once repaired we’ll ship it back to you fixed.

How long does the repair process last? Repair takes 1 hour at most, usually. This means that you can drop your phone in one of our repair stores, and then take a walk for an hour, come back to our store, and the phone will be good as new. Screen Fixed technicians are highly skilled and tech-savvy and will get the repairs done in no time. (P.s we were quite likely the first repair store in Australia to repair the Google Pixel S1 way back when)

Google Pixel 5 Screen Repairs Australia

We use Genuine Pixel 5 OLED displays

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the spare parts that we use with your repair. We use original Pixel 5 OLED displays, which will guarantee a long life of the the replacement part. One of the worst things that people tend to do when it comes to repairing their broken Google Pixel 5 screen is that they strive to save money and get screen replacements / repairs at very low costs. But this low cost comes at a price, too – the replacement part is likely not genuine if it’s too cheap.

So, any minor concussion can shatter the non-genuine replacement screen, and the screen can literally die out by just using the phone for a short period of time. And this is why it’s very important and a lot more cost-effective to maybe pay a bit more for a genuine Pixel 5 OLED display. This replacement part will serve you a lot better and a lot longer than cheaper, non-genuine counterparts – and the technicians in our repair stores at Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney all use genuine pixel 5 parts in the repair process.

The 2-year warranty on Repairs

To round things off, the repair comes with a 2-year warranty. If the replaced screen should malfunction in any way during the warranty period, then we will have it replaced once again for you with another genuine Pixel 5 OLED display, free of charge. Our iron-clad 2-year warranty signifies how serious we are about the use of genuine parts and the repair process being done by highly skilled experts in the field of mobile phone repairs.

Google Pixel 5 Screen Repairs Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Google Pixel 5 Screen Replacement Cost Australia

So, we have established that you will get a quick repair service in our repair shops in under an hour. We have also established that the replacement parts are Pixel 5 genuine. And also, the price for Google Pixel 5 Repairs will be fair. If you ever have problems with your Google Pixel 5 screen, i.e., you have it broken or damaged in another way, be sure to come and visit our repair stores where we’ll have your phone’s screen replaced for you usually in less than an hour. At this very time of writing the Google Pixel 5 Screen Replacement costs $379 including GST, Install and 2 Years of warranty.

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