Apple Repair Stores close in Australia over coronavirus fears. Here’s your best iPhone repair option

March 17, 2020


iPhone Repair

By ben

Apple iPhone Repair Store Close
People inside a now closed Apple Store.

The threat of coronavirus is real and that’s why the governments across the world are taking special measures to stop this virus. Of course, private businesses in Australia are doing the same thing. The situation is similar in Australia where some companies like Apple have decided to stop doing business in the next few weeks. So, Apple Stores in Australia are closed and users will have to wait for a while before they are re-opened. 

One might say that they don’t mind waiting, but is it really a good idea to wait for your iPhone to get repaired when you are living in a time where smartphones might play a very important role in protecting yourself and your family? It doesn’t matter whether your battery is weak or you are dealing with a cracked iPhone screen, it’s wise to look for iPhone repair options. If you are from Australia and you live in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, you should remember that Screen Fixed has you covered. 

Screen Fixed is open and accepts iPhone repair requests

Surely, we are aware of the current situation with the coronavirus and we are doing our best to provide risk-free iPhone repair services. We know how much people need their smartphones at this moment and that’s why we will continue working unless we are advised otherwise by the authorities. 

Our team of technicians is here and it’s prepared to take care of any problem related to your iPhone. It doesn’t matter whether you need screen repair, battery repair, rear camera repair, charge port repair or other iPhone repairs because we can provide all these services. You can make your device work properly simply by taking it to our technicians. 

Feel free to come to Screen Fixed during business hours and we will start working on your device right away. Our repair services are as good as Apple Store’s services and the main difference is that we have better prices. In other words, you can expect high-quality iPhone repairs without breaking the bank. Of course, we will not charge you extra due to this specific situation with the coronavirus in Australia. Our company is a responsible company that’s interested in establishing long-term business relationships with all our customers.

iPhone Repairs, iPad Repairs, MacBook and Apple Watch Repairs in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne

If you are worried about the quality of iPad repairs, you should know that at Screen Fixed, we use premium-quality replacement parts. Once our technicians are finished, your iPhone will be as good as new. And did we mention that we will finish these repairs as soon as possible?

The team we have, consists of knowledgeable, experienced and professional technicians. They will start working on your device from the moment you bring your iPhone to one of our stores. We should also mention that you can send your device via mail, but this option might slow down the repair process, especially now when the courier services are dealing with the coronavirus too. So, if you can come to our stores that would be better. During the repair process, we use modern, sophisticated tools and equipment that vouch for success. That’s why we provide warranties on all repairs.  

We should not let the current crisis affect our basic needs and truth be told, modern people can’t live properly without a mobile device in good health and we know that. Don’t let the coronavirus problem make you forget about your broken iPhone. Visit our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and take your device with you. Don’t forget that Screen Fixed is taking all the measures that are recommended by the local health authorities and the World Health Organization to ensure that this process is finished in a proper manner. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Screen Fixed at any time – we’ll be glad to help you!

Screen Fixed is a third-party repair store, we are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc, or Apple Australia Pty Ltd



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