American Express Smartphone Screen Repair Insurance

January 27, 2020


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By ben

Here’s How You Can Score a Repair on American Express

The latest smartphones come with different types of protection and they are made of durable, high-quality materials. But, regardless of these facts, the truth is that accidents happen and only a short moment of negligence is enough for your smartphone’s screen to break. When something like this happens, people are usually frustrated because they have to wait for their phone to be repaired and they have to pay a lot of money especially if they are using high-end smartphones. But, it doesn’thave to be like that. When you have a professional smartphone repair service provider like Screen Fixed on your side and you are using American Express, you should resolve this problem fast and without breaking the bank.

But, in order to get American Express Smartphone Screen Repair Insurance, you will have to use your AMEX card to purchase the smartphone. If you pay the phone outright with this card, you should be covered right away. So, in case you’ve bought the smartphone in this way and you have damaged (cracked, shattered, scratched, etc.) the screen, you will have a chance to leave your device in the hands of a repairer of your choice. Obviously, it’s highly recommended to leave your smartphone to a professional service provider like Screen Fixed. We have a team that includes experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals that can start working on your damaged screen immediately. Once we are finished with your device, it will work as good as a new one. 

iPhone Screen Repairs Covered by American Express

The process we are describing doesn’t end here. The next step you should take is to submit an eligible claim over the Internet. Keep in mind that you will need relevant documentation to support your claim. In other words, you must send a contract, a receipt or other documentation that can confirm that you have bought the device with the help of an American Express card and that you have the right to use American Express smartphone screen repair insurance. This is a simple procedure that you should be able to finish in a matter of minutes. In the end, you should be reimbursed up to 500 AUD, two times a year with a 10% excess.

Of course, this screen insurance is not the only one available on the market at this moment. There are Virgin, Telstra Premium Care, Vodafone Cover Me, Optus Yes Cover insurance offers too. Each of them offers different terms and to make sure that you have selected the right one, you will have to analyze these offers and take your needs into account. We don’t suggest getting an American Express for the sole purpose of having free screen repair insurance, it should be noted that Amex credit cards come with a hefty annual fee.

iPhone repairs with American Express insurance

Eligible American Express Cards

To qualify to have your smartphone screen repair paid for by American Express you must be using one of the bellow cards;

  • American Express Explorer
  • American Express Essential
  • American Express Platinum Charge

When having your smartphone screen repaired by Screen Fixed, we’ll email and SMS you a receipt which you can then upload into your American Express dashboard and be reimbursed for the repair cost.

So, is it a good idea to use American Express smartphone screen repair insurance? It all depends on your needs, but generally speaking, this is a good offer. There are some advantages and disadvantages, but the number of advantages is greater. For a small fee, you can repair your smartphone and get quality replacement parts. On top of that, it’s up to you to choose the right repair service provider, AMEX leaves this decision to their users.



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