A Few Things You Should Know About Google Pixel

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, it was quite logical for Google to enter the world of mobile devices with their own product. A few days ago, Google has revealed that they are about to release a few great devices including their first series of smartphones known as Google Pixel.

Google PIxel Phone

Just as expected, the Google Pixel comes with some interesting new features and unique solutions that can’t be found in other mobile devices. Thanks to these new features, Google expects to turn some iPhone fans into Google Pixel fans and get most of the Android users on their side. Now let’s check the features and characteristics of the device which will be officially released on 20th October.

Operating System & User Interface

Google Pixel uses the latest Android 7.1 Nougat. This OS provides a neat user-friendly interface which relies on an app dock instead of the app drawer. So, users now simply slide the app dock up in order to find the apps. Another difference we’ve have noticed is that the app icons are much rounder than before. This is just a cosmetic change, but it provides a different kind of user experience. In any case, Android 7.1 Nougat appears to run smoothly on Google Pixel.


This is probably the biggest downside of this phone, even though the phone doesn’t look unattractive. On the contrary, it looks like a standard, modern smartphone, but this is exactly what the problem is because people were expecting something more futuristic and unique. The body has standard dimensions (144x70x8.5 mm) and weight (143 g). The relatively high unused space in the lower “chin area” of the phone just under the display is another reason why this phone was criticized.

Google PIxel Phone Design Front


The design might not be Google Pixel’s strongest side, but the camera is much better. Even though it is a 12.3 MP camera, the quality of the photos and videos it produces is remarkable. According to the first tests, this camera is much better than the ones fond in the latest Samsung and Apple phones. Google Pixel can record 4K videos at 30 fps and full HD videos at amazing 120 fps. The camera has a video stabilization feature too.

Google PIxel Phone Camera


The size of the display is 5 inches. This AMOLED display comes with 16M colors and 1080p resolution. It also has a corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection which makes it quite durable.

Pixel Display

First user reviews claim that the readability on the screen is great from all angles.

Google assistant

Every Google Pixel phone comes with the Google Assistant. This feature represents the pioneer steps of Google in the world of AI. So, this is Google’s response to Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft). This assistant will provide image recognition and machine translation.

Hardware and battery life

Google Pixel comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and 4 GB of RAM. This is an excellent configuration for a modern smartphone. The same goes for the battery. This phone can be used for seven hours after a 15-minute charge.

Google Pixel is an innovative smartphone that will definitely enrich the market and encourage other manufacturers to produce even better phones.

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