5 Facts About iPhone Screen Repairs Australia

May 5, 2022


iPhone Repair

By ben

iPhone Screen Repairs
Getting your iPhone Screen fixed is getting more commonplace these days, especially with Apple’s ever rising cost of getting repairs and overtly long repair wait times. For many people, it’s just a lot more convenient to go to a
third party repair company like us here at iPhone Screen Repair. Not only is the service provided a lot faster, but it comes with quality guarantees for peace of mind. Unfortunately, despite the rise in popularity, many people are still weary about getting their iPhones fixed outside of Apple.

Many misconceptions, stereotypes and rumours about third party repair sites have popped up in recent years. Although they’re mostly untrue, they get circulated around a lot and as a result get accepted as fact. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at 5 of these common stereotypes and breaking down the truth behind them, as well as why they aren’t accurate. After we’re done here, we hope you’ll be able to have a greater amount of confidence in trusted third party repair sites like us here at iPhone Screen Repair. 


  1. My Face ID will not work after repair


There’s a fairly common belief that sending your iPhone in for repairs will break Apple’s Face ID functionality. The logic behind this common myth is that third party repair sites aren’t comprehensive or don’t have the tools required to disassemble the device properly. It’s understandable considering how sophisticated the internal systems of an iPhone can be, but thankfully it’s inaccurate. These days, third party sites like iPhone Screen Repair have all the tools, knowledge and professionalism to take apart an iPhone without any damage to its systems.

A proper repair where everything is done with the right methods will leave your iPhone working just as it was, with no damages whatsoever to any internal system like Face ID. Making a repair is just as safe as bringing it straight to Apple themselves, as long as you’re getting your iPhone repaired with a trusted company like Screen Fixed. On top of that, when you bring your iPhone to be repaired by us, you’ll also get a warranty for any damages that might be incurred, so you can rest easy knowing that your iPhone is safe and sound.


  2. My iPhone will no longer be covered under warranty by Apple


Another misconception that we see get brought up quite often is regarding warranty issues when it comes to iPhone repairs. There are many horror stories of Apple voiding the warranty of your iPhone if it gets sent for third party repairs, so many in fact that the belief has stuck as of late. While these issues aren’t unfounded, they are also false and exaggerated. While it’s true that before this, Apple would void the warranty of any iPhone that had been tampered with, this has been revoked as of the year 2020. According to the ACCC, warranty is only revoked on parts that get swapped out or fixed.

This means you can get certain parts of your iPhone repaired just fine, and Apple will still need to honor their warranty to a degree. For example, if you get your iPhone screen replaced, Apple can no longer be held liable for screen damages. Despite that, if a different part of your smartphone that hasn’t been repaired or changed like your camera gets damaged, Apple’s warranty will still apply and you can get it fixed for free. For most people getting their iPhones repaired however, this is still mostly a non-issue. Here at iPhone Screen Repair, we issue a warranty for any part we provide, which means you’ll get a brand new warranty for that we fixed. This means that regardless, your iPhone will still be protected by some form of professional warranty, be it ours or Apple’s.

  3.)  My iPhone won’t be water-proof after a screen replacement


This stereotype has less to do with the services provided by repair companies like Screen Fixed and more to do with general misdirection and misinformation from Apple. To put it simply, Apple’s iPhones are NOT actually water-proof, and even the integrity of their water-resistant IP rating is questionable at times. One of the biggest reasons we say this is due to how common liquid damage cases are for the Cupertino company’s flagship products like the iPhone 12. Despite Apple’s claims, iPhones are still extremely liable to water damage. Improvements are still being made year over year, but in terms of practical use, the iPhone 12 is still clearly vulnerable when it comes to water damage.

Here at Screen Fixed however, we respect Apple’s claims and try to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Whenever we’re done with any repairs, we make sure to use a proper IP rated sealing kit to ensure any moisture can’t creep in, though because of the dubious nature of Apple’s IP claims, our official statement is that your iPhone will no longer be water resistant after a repair.


   4.) When my iPhone screen cracks, repair shops will only Replace the Cracked Glass


Here’s another example of a stereotype that is quite common. An iPhone display is made up of several different layers, and the one on top that takes the brunt of any damage is the protective glass layer. It covers the digitizer of the display and other important components, while being non-essential to the phone’s functionality. Many people believe however that when your iPhone is fixed by a third party, only this protective layer gets replaced. In truth, regardless of how badly damaged your iPhone display is, we here at iPhone Screen Repair will always replace the entire OLED/LCD panel.

There are two main reasons for this, the first being the quality of the repair. When the front glass breaks, there’s usually still some damage to the lower layers of the display that aren’t as apparent. Replacing the entire display ensures that your iPhone will be more stable and stay durable in the long run. The other reason only full display changes are done is to save time. To put it simply, only changing the protective glass layer is too time consuming. It takes anywhere from two to three days to complete, and the end result is nowhere near as good as a full display change, which can be done in about 40 minutes. There is literally no reason to only change the glass, and this applies with any third party repair site.


   5. iPhone repair shop needs my passcode to repair my phone


Some people are terrified to send their iPhone to a repair store, believing that you will need to give the store your iPhone passcode before any repairs can be done. This stereotype is simply not true whatsoever, and it is harmful to professional iPhone repair stores like ours because it shows distrust for no reason. Here at iPhone Screen Repair, we will never ask for a client’s password out of respect for their data. We simply do not require this information to carry out our repairs, it’s a completely separate issue from the part repairs we do. On top of that, our experienced iPhone repair technicians can test your device sufficiently even while it is locked.


Repair your iPhone screen in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne CBD


Now that we’ve cleared up some of these common misconceptions and stereotypes, we here at iPhone Screen Repair hope that you won’t be fooled by these myths again. In reality, getting your iPhone display fixed at any of our Screen Fixed Sydney, Screen Fixed Brisbane or Screen Fixed Melbourne branches is a quick and painless endeavor! On top of that, we even offer a 24 month screen repair warranty!


2 Year iPhone Screen Repair Warranty! 


Our iPhone Repair Warranty is true! Whenever you bring in your iPhone for a screen repair with us, we will cover repairs for your brand new display for 2 Years. If any failures arise, simply bring your iPhone back to us and we’ll fix it for you, provided your display isn’t badly damaged or cracked. So, if your iPhone is in need of any repairs, feel free to visit iPhone Screen Repair!





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