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December 14, 2020


Xiaomi Repairs

Xiaomi Mi Note Screen Repairs

The Xiaomi brand took the smartphone market by storm. By offering smartphones with cutting edge technology – yet at a highly accessible cost – Xiaomi managed to take a big portion of the mobile phone market in a relatively short period of time. That being said, while the Xiaomi smartphones are durable – they aren’t invincible. It’s possible that you will damage your Xiaomi smartphone in one way or another, in time and with prolonged use. This is why it’s important to know how to fix it and make it good as new again. There are repair stores that will get the job done for you in no time.

The Xiaomi Mi Note smartphone has been known to take damage to the screen – which is a vital part. Luckily, there are ways in which you can repair your screen or replace it if it’s beyond repair. The screen can get scratched, smudged, or even broken if you apply any kind of outside pressure and this will ruin how your Xiaomi Mi Note looks and works. Consider it a smart investment to get your phone to a certified, legit Xiaomi Mobile repair shop so that you will get your phone fixed promptly – and for a small fee.

Screen Replacement for Xiaomi in Australia

If you have any problems with your Xiaomi device’s screen, then you will want to repair it. And this can easily be done if you come and visit our Screen Fixed shop – where our technicians will replace the screen. There are several advantages that you will benefit from if you visit our stores:

  • Our technicians will usually get the job done and replace and repair your Xiaomi screen in 45 minutes or less.
  • You will get a free 2-year guarantee for your new Xiaomi screen.
  • You can get a quote on your problem in a matter of minutes – just follow the steps regarding what your problem is and you will get a fair price.
  • Get screen replacements in the form of high-quality parts.

There are reasons why our stores in Australia have such high ratings for Xiaomi phone repairs and screen replacements. We have phone-repair experts that will fix your Xiaomi in no time – and the 2-year free guarantee really goes a long way towards confirming the quality of our premium grade spare parts and repair processes. If you have any kind of problem with your Xiaomi mobile device’s screen, then feel free to come and visit one of our shops and get a quote for the solution to your problem.

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD Xiaomi Repairs 

In case of a malfunction of your Xiaomi device’s screen, you will be able to come and visit one of our stores in Australia and get the screen replaced in no time. Currently, Screen Fixed has three stores in Australia in the following cities:

  • Sydney: at Suite 1020, Level 11, 66 Clarence Street, Sydney City NSW 2000, phone number: +61 2 8316 2831,
  • Melbourne: at Level 9, Centreway Arcade, Shop 11/259 – 263 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, phone number: +61 3 9108 1598,
  • Brisbane: 307 Queen Street, at Brisbane City QLD 4000, phone number: +61 1300 193 331.

We have our expert technicians employed in either of our shops in Australia. Regardless of where you come and visit and what kind of problem you have with your Xiaomi screen, you will get the same quality of service, price, and overall experience at either of our shops. And to certify this, we have the 2-year warranty that we give out for free to anyone that comes in and gets their Xiaomi smartphone repaired in one of our shops in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

Moreover, if you reside in one of the three cities, you won’t even need to come to our Screen Fixed repair shops – we will come to your location and take the Xiaomi screen to repair it – then bring it back to you good as new.

Xiaomi Black Shark Screen Replacement

The Xiaomi Black Shark is one of the most popular variants of smartphones that wear the Xiaomi brand. Many people use it as their primary smartphone. However, the Xiaomi Black Shark screen can also get damaged in a myriad of ways. If this should happen to your smartphone, then feel free to come to our shops in Sidney, Brisbane, or Melbourne.

We offer screen replacements for two versions of the Black Shark model – Black Shark 2 Pro and Black Shark 3 Pro. We offer repairs for all different kinds of problems that may arise with your Xiaomi Black Shark – including charger port repair, camera module repair, camera glass repair, battery repair, and back glass repair. And of course – we offer screen repairs. The price for a Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro screen replacement is $399, while the price for a Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro screen replacement is $499. These are fair prices and some of the best you will find on the market – as the Xiaomi Black Shark screen uses advanced technology that cannot be replaced for cheap.

The truth is, you can find somewhat cheaper Xiaomi Black Shark screen repairs on the market – but these repairs will use low-quality spare parts. In this case, it would benefit you a lot more to pay a bit more and get a premium, high-quality replacement screen installed – than to get a cheaper, low-quality part that will break a lot easier.

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