3 Tips to Fix Your Nokia 8 Touch Screen Issues

August 23, 2018


Tips to Fix Your Nokia 8 Touch Screen Issues

Nokia 8 Touch Screen Not Working

The Nokia 8, released back in 2017, has been known to have touch screen issues. As with virtually every other smartphone, the touchscreen is the primary source of input for the phone. Having glitches or issues as you try to answer your phone or click on portions of the screen while using the app can severely hamper the phone’s usefulness. Of course, sending the phone back to have it replaced or repaired under warranty is always an option but it is recommended that before you take that drastic step that you do a bit of DIY troubleshooting.

Nokia Phone Screen

Restart Your Nokia 8 Steel or Sirocco

Many times regular use of various apps at the same time of the phone can cause software problems for many phones. Apps will have glitches that, when left running in the background or even when active, cause the screen to be unresponsive or inaccurate. One great way to clear up this issue (and possibly others that may crop up as well) is to restart your phone:

– Press and hold the power button until a menu to restart and power off the phone comes up.

– Press the Restart button to initiate the process

Nokia Phone Turn Off

Remove Your Nokia 8 Tempered Glass Protector Casing

When you buy a phone, the most precious and oftentimes most vulnerable part of the phone is the touchscreen. Seeing scratches and cracks are very annoying and distracting. Purchasing a screen protector or a case with a tempered glass screen protector is oftentimes the solution to prolong the phones life under harsh or careless conditions. It is common, however, that the quality of the tempered glass is low in said protector and could cause regular issues with the screen’s responsiveness. If this is the case with your Nokia, it could be time to look for another case or screen protector. Maybe buying a protective film or a case with a different or higher quality glass protector will work out better.

Easily Remove Your Nokia 8 Tempered Glass protector casing

Ground yourself or your static charge

The Nokia 8’s touchscreen is capacitive (as are all touchscreens) meaning that your body’s electric charge when you touch the screen is what is sensed and causes the phone’s response. Oftentimes this charge can be heightened when you walk on carpets or with socks on. An easy way to avoid this is to wear shoes with rubber soles. This will insulate you from the charge. Also, you can, of course, move to an area without carpet or take off your socks. If that is not possible, one way to ‘ground’ yourself is to touch a piece of furniture that has metal on it. You’ll know if the ‘charge’ is released if you get or sense a little shock when you touch it. After that, you should be good to go!

When all else fails, the safest course of action to get your Nokia 8 working correctly is to take it to Screen Fixed. Hardware repairs and replacements can be done quickly and by a professional.

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