The Best Foldable Phone 2023: The Top Foldable Phones To Buy

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A decade ago we were trying to make any communication possible through phones. Today our demands and dreams are quite different. We want a phone that offers more than calls and messages A dramatical change has arised in the industry of smartphone with the invention of foldable smartphones..The foldable technology was on its peak in the year 2019 with the invention of the first foldable smartphone by “Royole corporation” named “Royole Flexpie”but being first doesn’t mean that “flexpie” is the best foldable smartphone so far.There is much more to explore.

In this post we will introduce you to the best foldable smartphones of 2023 available in the market. We will also give you a preview of what you can expect.

List of The Best Foldable Phones 2023

List of The Best Foldable Phones 2023

  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  2. OPPO Find N2 Flip
  3. Huawei P50 Pocket
  4. Motorola Razr 2022 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4- Best Foldable Phone Overall

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 product description

Samsung foldable smartphones have set the bar so high. Its new handsetSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4is another hit. Visually similar to its predecessor, Fold 4 is more advanced while remaining reassuringly durable and attractive to be one of the best foldable smartphone of 2023. Let’s have a look at its features.

Efficient Performance

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU offers high-speed performance. Longevity enhancements are relatively modest, depending on enhanced chip efficiency to give additional battery life from the 4400mAh cell.

Large Display

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a sharp, elegant and slightly wider main display. It has 6.2 inches 2316×904 display which gets more prominent when unfolded at 7.6 inches. In addition, IPX8 rating, wireless charger and Android 12L are also included.

Best Foldable Phone Camera

The Fold 4 has top-tier 12+50+10MP, 4MP, and 10MP cameras. The quality of the primary sensor is exceptionally remarkable. The zoom clarity with the telephoto is another noteworthy feature. The camera offers awe-inspiring low-light performances.


  1. Large display
  2. It functions as both a phone and a tablet.


  1. Expensive

Oppo Find N2 Flip- The Best Premium
Foldable Phone

OPPO Find N2 Flip features

OPPO has a streak of high-quality products. We can’t point out a single flop phone. So, just like other smartphone series OPPO again proved itself by launching OPPO Find N2 FlipThe Oppo Find N2 Flip is the best foldable phone in its linefor its premium quality.

Below are some of the features of this premium quality best foldable phone of the year 2023.

Thinnest Display

The Find N2 has a 6.8″ foldable LTPO AMOLED largest and thinnest display. Unlike other foldable smartphones, its hinge creases are near to invisible.

Exceptional Camera

OPPO cameras never disappoint. You can pick any OPPO smartphone and can confirm it yourself. The OPPO Find N2 triple camera system has a resolution of 50MP. It has a selfie camera with a resolution of 32MP. Both front and rear cameras perform exceptionally great.

Internal storage

It also has a MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ CPU and 8GB, 12GB, or 16GB of RAM. Furthermore, the 256GB or 512GB storage choices ensure that you will always have adequate capacity.


  1. Invisible hinge crease
  2. High-quality camera
  3. Enough built-in storage
  4. Fast charging


  1. The almost square form factor cuts away at the 16:9 video.

Huawei P50 Pocket- Best Foldable Phone

Huawei P50 Pocket product description

With Samsung’s Galaxy Flip selling so well, it’s no wonder that competition for more minor foldable is heating up. The P50 Pocket is Huawei’s first foldable phone. The Huawei P50 Pocket is the best option if you love taking selfies. It offers a superior 32 MP and 2 MP Dual Front Camera.


The P50 Pocket’s foldable 6.9-inch OLED display features a form factor of 21:9. It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a 2790 x 1188 pixels resolution.

Camera Performance

The ultra-spectrum camera has a True Chroma primary camera with a 40-MP resolution. It gives recordings exceptionally realistic and bright colors. Although the P50 Pocket is foldable, which emphasizes the foldability of the panel. We particularly love the photos shot with its high-quality camera. The 13-MP ultrawide angle camera can also create a lot of detail.


  1. Powerful main camera
  2. Satisfactory battery life


  1. No Google services are available
  2. It doesn’t support wireless charging

Motorola Razr- Best Foldable Budget-Friendly Phone

Motorola Razr foldable phone features

While looking for the best foldable phone 2023 we came across the Motorola Razr which fits perfectly in our list. Running on Android 12, Motorola’s foldable phone comes pre-loaded with apps. You only need a Google account to get started.

Broader Display

Motorola’s Razr features a much larger and notably broader display than its predecessor. It has a large full HD 6.7 inches POLED folding inner display. At the same time, it offers a 2.7-inch small quick-view display. Furthermore, at 495 cd/m2, it is substantially brighter t.

Excellent Camera

It has a 50-megapixel primary sensor with OIS and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide/macro sensor with a field-of-view of 120 degrees. The camera has an Ultra mode, Night Vision Mode, and Dual Take option. Moreover, it can take 8K video at 30fps or UHD video at 60fps.

Reliable Foldable Phone Memory

The Motorola RAZR (2022) boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU and 8GB or 12GB RAM. Because it comes with 128GB or 512GB of storage that can easily accommodate all your data.


  1. Long lasting Battery life
  2. Stylish display
  3. Large storage space
  4. Affordable


  1. The camera’s performance needs improvement.

Things To Know Before Buying A Foldable Smartphone
Before Buying A Foldable Smartphone

The idea of having a foldable phone is quite fascinating. But unlike other smartphones, buying these phones is quite different. It would be best if you look at it from a wide perspective. You might have already seen it, even if you are not a foldable phone user. The phone looks stylish, but everything in it needs to be looked at carefully.

Therefore we suggest you read the following factors carefully before buying a foldable smartphone.


Look out for reliable foldable displays. For which Flexible Display technology is the best option. This technology doesn’t need backlights because of its base OLED panels. As a result, these displays are so thin that they become flexible, serving as the foundation for flexible screens.

Moreover, the display size is one of the most significant elements when purchasing a foldable phone. When unfolded, phones have a small screen, but book-style phones have a more prominent display.


The price should always be the first concern when buying a foldable smartphone. Due to the limited market, these smartphones are expensive. The best foldable phone 2023 is well built, has efficient battery lifeand offers exclusive features worth your money. But you should still carefully consider your budget. It would be an unwise decision to go broke for a phone.


Foldable phones are still a novel technology, so their durability is crucial. Look for phones from trustworthy companies that use robust materials and produce durable folding phones.


The camera quality of your foldable phone is also a crucial factor to consider. Particularly if you like snapping photographs or filming movies. Get smartphones that have several cameras and high-quality sensors.


Enquire what materials are used in formation. Polymers used in the making are lightweight and flexible but are more adaptable to scratches and damage. It wears out quickly. So, check the material quality carefully before buying your foldable phone.


The whole point of foldable phones was that they are compact and portable. The foldable display technology has successfully made it possible for us. It lets us maintain portability even with a larger display.

Future Of Foldable Phones

Future Of Foldable Phones

With the excessive demand for foldable phones, it is evident that its market will expand massively in the coming years. Upcoming foldable phones behold the future of smartphones. You might also see yourself holding a large display phone enjoying its easy-to-read and watching movies on the big display. While it is a new, attractive and innovative technology, it also has some flaws we must overcome. Therefore, we need good engagement and research.

Some manufacturers are already doing it and are extending their innovation to generate foldable phones with an even larger display.


Folding phones are becoming more and more popular. Its speed of picking up momentum is quite impressive despite the fact that they are expensive. You might see a few folding phones in the market. But as the demand increases, we will see more foldable phone manufacturers in the market. It may be a few years before you see foldable smartphones everywhere.




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