4 Ways to Repair your Mobile Phone in Australia

January 13, 2021


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By ben

Have you ever broken your mobile phone? If so, you know the onset of panic that sets in when you realise you can no longer use it. Repairs can be a nuisance, between the time it takes to have your phone repaired and the expense. You could be looking at best at a serious inconvenience and at worst a costly and lengthy repair. iPhone Repairs might be a bit inconvenient at times but they are always cheaper than the cost of buying a new phone.

Smartphones and gadgets today will set you back a few thousand dollars and even your insurance (if you have it) excess will not be cheap. Waiting on your insurance company to get through the red tape and fix your phone takes time. It’s often a better idea to send your phone for the repair yourself. And in some instances cheaper.  So what are your options when it comes to fixing your phone in Australia? We’ve listed below a few ways you can get your phone fixed. There are cheaper and more expensive options available. Some will depend on the repair your phone needs. But it’s always nice to know you have options.

Screen Fixed Brisbane

Walk-in Repair – Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

A few shops are offering walk-in Repair services in each city, with varying levels of review. We love Screen Fixed who offer a walk-in repair in all 3 cities. They offer a top-notch service across the board on a multitude of devices from iPhone and iPad to Samsung and Sony. Screen Fixed can repair almost anything. They can fix screens, batteries, charge ports, home buttons and much more. They offer a walk-in repair service that is affordable and reliable. All their work comes with a 2-year warranty guarantee and service you can trust. 

The benefits of a walk-in service are that you know where your phone or device is. This gives you peace of mind and is more reliable and safe than mail-in repair. The benefit of a face to face hand over means that your phone is not going to be damaged in transit. Another benefit of a walk-in service is that you get to meet an expert face to face who will diagnose the issue there and then. What you’re quoted is what you’ll pay and the timeframe quoted for repair will be accurate. There is peace of mind in knowing that you will have no hidden extras. Screen Fixed offer repairs for iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Nokia, LG, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, RealMe, Xiaomi, ASUS and more. We cater to a wide variety of repair types including but certainly not limited to; cracked screen repairs, battery replacements, charger port replacement / repairs, camera glass, camera module replacements and much more.

Mail-in Repair

A mail-in repair is always an option for phone repair. It’s the most common type of repair you will get if you go through your insurance company. Although mail-in repair services get the job done, they do have significant drawbacks. Mail-in repair is never by its nature going to be fast. You have to find a safe way to send your phone off. Pay for postage, mail your phone then wait for a diagnosis of the issue. Other than being lengthy, mail-in repairs bring other issues.

mobile phone repairs australia

You might find when the phone is assessed that there are unforeseen costs associated with the repair. Another drawback with mail-in repairs is the risk of extra damage to your phone in transit. Mail-in repairs are always an option but if your phone sustains extra damage in transit you have no comeback. We recommend mail-in repairs only as a last option. In today’s on-demand world, no one wants to wait for weeks for their phone to be repaired. And with so many other options available, mail-in services just feel a little outdated.

On-Site – We Come to you Repairs – Gold Coast and Brisbane

One of the best things about Screen Fixed is that they offer an on-site service. They will come to you to repair your phone. At the moment they offer this service in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. This is a particularly useful service for those who can’t be without their phone for any length of time, and let’s face it, that’s all of us nowadays. We conduct so much of our lives via our phones, from social to business to banking and everything else you can imagine. Relying on our phones so much means we can’t afford a time delay when it comes to having them fixed.

On-site repairs are amazingly convenient and safe. A qualified repair specialist comes to you, wherever you are and repairs your phone there and then. You simply call and book and the rest are done for you. No matter your location, home, work, cafe or even out shopping. A qualified repair specialist will come and repair your phone for you. This is a fantastic way to have your phone repaired. It’s a service that’s convenient and on-demand. On-site services are affordable and most repairs are usually carried out within 45 minutes. This means there are no hidden costs to you, no inconvenience and very little downtime from your phone. 

Screen Fixed mobile repair specialists have excellent customer reviews and offer a professional service. Fast, secure, affordable and on-demand. On-site repairs are a rapid response option.

DIY Phone Repairs

DIY phone repairs are becoming more and more common with the rise of the internet. Have a go Dan’s who feel confident in their technical capabilities have long been deconstructing their old phones. But just how reliable are DIY phone repairs and should you have a go? There are lots of companies online now offering DIY phone repair kits. They claim their kits will enable you to fix charging ports, speakers, jacks and screens. But is this the case and should you attempt it? While in theory, these DIY repair kits should allow you to fix your mobile phone yourself. The reality is often somewhat different.

Phones and gadgets are both technical and fiddly. Fixing your phone DIY style can be very costly.  If you can’t afford to go out and buy a new device we don’t suggest having a go yourself. When you carry out a DIY phone repair, you nullify your manufacturer warranty. This is the entire warranty for both hardware and software. When you have your phone repaired by a specialist like screen Fixed you have the added security of a 2-year warranty on all repairs. DIY screen kits don’t come cheap either. Phone repair kit costs vary between around $50 and $300. Plus the cost of parts such as screens or replacement home buttons and the cost adds up. 

It works out far more cost-effective and safe to have your phone repaired by a professional. There is a lot to consider when you’re repairing a phone. The first thing is your ability to do the job. It takes practice and patience and this is where many people fail. Taking the time to melt the glue is the first step and often a lengthy one. Phones come with lots of screws and keeping track of them and where they go is often a leading cause of botched jobs. You also run the risk of snapping wires when opening your phone and losing or breaking small components in the boards. The tools needed for a DIY repair are costly and there are no guarantees you will succeed. Mail-in is a lengthy process and runs the risk of incurring extra damage to your phone. Although both are still options we would always encourage walk-in or on-site visits for repair. 



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