How To Stop Your Phone From Turning Off By Itself

March 4, 2022


By Sophia

How To Stop Your Phone From Turning Off By Itself

Are you tired of your phone that turns off all by itself frequently? Then no worries because you are reading the right article about “how to stop your phone from turning off by itself.” It is okay if you face issues with your phone. There is nothing that cannot be fixed or repaired. Let’s find out the causes and solutions of turning off phone points.

1. What are the steps to resolve the issue of your phone turning off automatically?

If you want to stop your phone from turning off itself, then you must follow these steps:

  1. Internal self-reset of the device.
  2. The fault in batteries.
  3. The high usage of processors.
  4. The on and off schedule on the phone.
  5. The spot in the power button.
  6. Insufficient storage.

1. How To Fix The Error Of Turning Off The Phone All By Itself?

If you are facing the issue when your phone turns off automatically it’s not a big deal that cannot be solved. There are many ways through which anyone can get out of this trouble. Read the following methods to fix your phone.

2. Internal Self-Reset Of The Device:

The internal-self reset in your phone system could be the first and foremost thing that makes your device turn off itself. The procedure often needs to be turned off or restarted to backup and reload the memory and software of the device. This activity occurs once or after a long time, and no harm is done to the phone. It is better for your phone if you restart it after using it for many days. This process helps a phone to clear the caches of different running apps on your phone. Another good thing about restarting your phone is that your device makes a good space and runs smoothly.

3. The Fault In Batteries

Phone Turn off itself due to Battery

Batteries are the crucial part of the phones. If your phone turns off itself frequently, check the battery first hand. The battery can make the device shut down if it is not charged. Before buying any Android or iPhone, make sure that the device’s battery power is strong and boosted. Charge your phone sufficiently to prevent irregular and unwanted turn-off. Additionally, if your device still shows the same problem, there is some fault in the battery. Get your phone battery repaired or replaced by the experts.

4. The High Usage Of Processors:

Processor Issue

The processor of the phone helps to run multiple apps in the background at once. If you use any app on your phone for a long time, the processor will make your phone reset and turn off. This happens because the processor needs to work correctly by turning off your device. If you install any app in your phone and see problematic changes in the phone system, you better uninstall that app. Restart the phone after uninstalling the app.

5. The On And Off Schedule In The Phone

On and off schedule Issue

You can set your phone to turn off and then turn it on automatically at your fixed timing. Some people prefer to turn off their devices at night and start them in the morning. Your device will work on the schedule that you have assigned it. In some cases, the phones are scheduled to restart or turn off at specific timings without the users’ knowledge. Check in the setting app of your phone and disable the automatic shutdown.

6. The Fault In The Power Button

Fault in Power button can cause turning off phone

If you have gone through all the methods to fix your phone and still turn it off automatically, there can be a fault in the device’s power button. It will restart if you hold the power button for almost 10 seconds on an Android phone. A defect in the power button can cause the device to turn off and restart automatically. Get the power button fixed and checked by the mobile experts. Sometimes this can be caused due to the phone case. Remove the phone case and see if the issue is holding the power button or not.

7. Insufficient Storage

Insufficient storage phone Issue

Sometimes your device is out of storage which can cause the automatic shut down and restart of the phone. Make a good space in your phone and delete the apps you do not use. Keep important stuff in your phone only and remove the rest. The perfect memory space will lead to smooth working in your phone.

1. Why Does Any Android Or iPhone Turn Off Automatically?

  • One of the main reason for errors and turning off phones automatically can be hardware malfunctions.
  • There could be built-in errors in some devices that cause sudden shut down of phones.
  • The settings in any Android or iPhone device could be inappropriate or dysfunctional. This is yet another reason for the turning off your phones automatically.
  • Sometimes, some glitches and errors in the software lead a phone to turn off frequently automatically.

1. What Happens When A Phone Turns Off All By Itself?

What Happens When A Phone Turns Off All By Itself

  • This situation can be exhausting and frustrating for the users.
  • The users are unable to do anything when the phone turns off.
  • The users cannot stop the phone from turning off at the very moment.


Phones are currently the most essential and valuable devices all over the world. There is no single day when you do not look at your phone or use it. Using phones is fun, exciting, and entertaining until the issues pop up on your screen. One of the significant and frequently occurring issues in Android or iPhones is that some phones turn off automatically. If you face the problem where your phone turns off itself, you can get some help with the solutions mentioned above. Check out what is going on with your phone and fix the problem. 


Why is my phone turning off by itself?

Sometimes there is software or app glitches that make the phone to turn off. Uninstall the battery saver apps, upgrade your phone and make a space in storage of the phone.

Why did my phone turn off automatically and would not turn on?

You might need to reset the software of your phone. Press and hold the power and volume button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. This will restart the phone and refreshes the software.

How do I stop my phone from turning off automatically?

  1. Open settings.
  2. Scroll down for the device option.
  3. Tap “display” from device option.
  4. Set the timings of turning off your phone as your choice


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