How to Fix Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Issues

September 28, 2020


Do you have problems with your Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone? Is the battery the source of these problems? Even though the Google Pixel 4 XL phone was released in October 2019, some users have experienced battery issues. In some cases, it’s their fault (they were not using the phone properly) in others it might be a software or hardware error. In any case, there are different Google Pixel 4 XL battery issues, but there are also solutions for these issues. To help people fix Google Pixel 4 XL battery issues, we have created this guide that includes solutions for the most common problems with this phone part. Additionally, we will provide a few other helpful tips.

Google Pixel 4 XL Battery Problems

Battery stuck at 50%

This is not a very common problem, but it’s something that a few users of Google Pixel 4 XL have experienced in the past year. In cases like this, it doesn’t matter how much people are charging their phone or using it, it’s stuck at 50%. This makes it difficult to use the phone because it can go off at any time.
There are three things that you can do in situations like this. First of all, you can ask Google for replacement, but you have to prove that it’s a hardware issue that’s not caused by your actions. Next, you can look for a professional repair service provider. Finally, you can try fixing it yourself. In many cases, it’s probably a faulty battery connect. This means that you have to strengthen battery connections.

Google Pixel 4 XL battery question mark

Have you noticed a question mark on the battery indicator of your Google Pixel 4 XL? When something like this happens, you have to act quickly because your battery might be in danger. Many experts have suggested that it’s probably a bad connection with the motherboard that leads to this problem. Some of the wires/chips are loose and that makes it difficult for the phone to use the battery in the right way.
To fix this problem, you will have to replace the battery. If you don’t want to buy a new battery, you might want to call a professional repair service to check the connections.

Pixel 4 XL Battery Replacement

Letting go of the power button Google Pixel 4 XL turns off

So, you’ve decided to restart your phone by pressing the power button. After that, you are holding the power button to turn it on, but once you release it, the phone turns off. This means that you have to keep your fingers pressed on the power button to keep using your Google Pixel 4 XL. This is something that you can do for a few minutes, but obviously, it’s not a permanent solution.
Many reasons can result in this problem, but two of them are more common than the others. First and foremost, it’s probably a dead battery that makes the phone turn off after you let go of the power button. So, the button is draining the last juice from your device. Next, a sudden drop may have caused this issue. In this case, there’s something wrong with the hardware and has to be checked by a professional. The technicians will find the loose or damaged part and find a solution.


The phone keeps turning off

Is your Google Pixel 4 XL acting weird? For example, you are not even using your phone, the battery indicates that it is in good health and the phone keeps turning off. The screen is off, pressing the power button doesn’t lead to anything. To activate your phone, you have to hold the power button for a few seconds. This is not how your Google Pixel 4 XL is supposed to work.
Once again, this might be a case of a bad battery. You should monitor the battery and see whether the percentages are going down normally or rapidly. This is an indicator that the battery might be depleted. To fix this problem, you will have to look for Google

Pixel 4 XL battery replacement service.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s a software issue that makes the smartphone turn off. Have you installed a new app recently? Did you browse unsecured websites in the last few days? Answer these questions to identify the root of the problem. If the answers to these questions are affirmative, you should delete browser history, remove the newly added apps, and run an antivirus program.

Google Pixel 4 XL battery swelling

This problem is not exclusive to Google Pixel 4 XL – it can happen to anyone. Once the battery starts swelling, this is a clear sign that the battery is damaged. Keep in mind that sometimes you will notice that the phone is hot after charging it. That’s another sign that something is wrong with your battery. When left untreated, this problem can lead to additional damage.
The exact reason why Google Pixel 4 XL battery swelling occurs is different from phone to phone. According to some experts in this field, maybe you are leaving you are using the charger for a very long period (you are leaving your phone on charge even after the battery is completely full). Stop this practice to prevent the problem.

Pixel 4 XL Battery Issues

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