Google Pixel Screen Repair

Glass and LCD Replacement

2 Year Waranty
  • Same Day Availability
  • 2 Year Waranty on repairs
  • 20-30min Turnover time

Why waste your money on a new Google Pixel when you can easily fix your broken screen with a simple call? Join the thousands of super-happy Galaxy users in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne now!

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About the Google Pixel Screen Repair

Don’t panic! Just keep calm and let our Screen Fixed expert technicians come and replace your Google Pixel screen glass or LCD! In just 20-30 minutes, your Android smartphone will be as good as new! Why waste your hard-earned money on a new smartphone, when you can easily fix your Pixel cracked screen glass?And the best part? Your new screen glass or LCD is backed by our 2-year full warranty! What are you waiting for? Repair your Pixel smartphone screen with a simple call! Join the thousands of super-happy Google Pixel users in Brisbane and Sydney now!

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Cracked Google Pixel Screen? Don’t Panic!
Stay Calm and Choose Your Repair Service Wisely…

If you’ve broken or otherwise damaged your precious Google Pixel and are in need of high quality and reliable smartphone repair service, there are two things you should keep in mind. And these are:
1. Stay calm and take a deep breath…
2. Choose your repair service wisely!

Make an Informed Choice and Save Money and Time!

If you think you’ve just got an original Apple replacement part for your expensive Google Pixel you might want to think again…

What most Google Pixel owners often don’t realize is that not all Google Pixel repair services offer the same level of quality – or value for your money!

In fact, often times you might be misguided into paying double the price for what you believe are original Apple replacement parts for your Google Pixel, when in reality, ONLY Apple approved service centers are authorized to provide original parts.

So if you don’t actually get an official certificate documentation issued by Apple, you are probably throwing money out of the window! Yikes!

Get Reliable Google Pixel Repair Services That You Can Trust!

When it comes to your Google Pixel repair service, making an educated choice is important because it can save you tons of money and valuable time.
ScreenFixed offers top notch, fast and 100% reliable Google Pixel repair services that you can trust. Check out why:

  • We only replace what needs to replaced – no hidden costs or unnecessary replacements!
  • We only work with the highest quality replacement parts, manufactured to provide long lasting durability at affordable prices
  • We make sure all micro-components (screws, panels etc.) of your phone remain safely intact
  • Our certified technicians are top professionals and qualified experts with long experience since 1993
  • We back up all our services with a 2 year warranty and excellent customer after care services
  • Super-fast turnaround time –we make sure you get your device back as fast as possible!

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