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The Apple iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3 are exceptionally complex gadgets. You simply need to open them up and investigate the smoothly outlined tablet to perceive how the amazing brain of the gadget functions. One must be extremely cautious, as strong as they feel it just takes one unforgiving drop or impact and the touchscreen may break. What happens when this feared event happens? Well you can simply take your iPad to our iPad repair specialists in Brisbane

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The Apple iPad is a brilliant device to possess yet the truth of the matter is that it is inclined to getting damaged or facing a wide range of issues eventually. The repair services prove to be useful for such circumstances particularly in situations where the guarantee does not cover the current issues or it is long over. You can just get the best iPad screen repair services from our best repair shop and specialists in Brisbane.

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The iPad tablet have immediately earned a notoriety for being a beneficial “all in one” answer for both profitability and entertainment. Numerous well known models include cameras to catch your defining moments, and Internet-prepared abilities make it considerably less demanding to remain connected with loved ones. These capacities, however, rely upon a completely practical screen. Numerous contemporary models require a touch interface. If your iPad tablet seems broke, unresponsive, or a sporadic display, you might be expected for an iPad or tablet screen repair. Our professionals iPad screen repair in Brisbane can help facilitate repairs for splits and scrapes. Screen substitutions are likewise accessible.iPad repair solutions


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Your tablet stores your work and recollections. All things considered, it can without much of a stretch turn into a piece of your life. At the point when your gadget breaks down, our group is here to make things to right. Our iPad and tablet repair service in Brisbane includes a plenty of solutions to reestablish your framework’s execution and responsiveness. We gladly provide repair service for various type iPad of all the popular models such as iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. Because of our broad training and experience, our group can repair gadgets running on all iOS™ platform.

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Our iPad repair service in Brisbane likewise give iPad screen parts: in many cases, repair services will rotate around substitutions of the different parts of the iPad. Our magnificent iPad repair service in Brisbane is one that offers replacement with the genuine parts. You are guaranteed to get fantastic new part items with the capability of serving you for a very long time possible. The utilization of low quality parts or fake parts might be a short term answer for the iPad issue that you have and it is of awesome significance to make this thought while choosing the best for the iPad.

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Repairing your iPad screen will spare you a lot of cash and enable you to recover your iPad to its original condition. Our iPad screen repair service in Brisbane even offer a guarantee with their work. Our repair experts are normally constantly well disposed, accommodating, and accessible to repair your iPad screen regardless of when it breaks. You can depend on our on site repair shops that have been in business for quite a while to know how to settle your thing right the first time and give you the advice and information you require to settle on the best choice.

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Regardless of whether your iPad is utilized as a business machine, simply as a relaxation gadget, or perhaps you utilize it as a combination of both, you certainly would prefer not to be without it, notwithstanding for one day. A break in your iPad screen, or water harm, can mean you are out of touch with your admired iPad, and that could make you miss imperative occasions, updates from companions, or even a business bargain. You require access to quick and successful iPad repairs, from somebody you can trust, and at a value you can bear.

Everything that’s worth knowing about iOS 9


Apple has described iOS 9, much as Google has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as an update that brings tweaks and refinements to improve the overall performance and usability of the operating system. Of course, there are some new features thrown in for good measure, and Apple has promised a smarter Siri, improved Maps and better multitasking.

Design and tweaks

Aesthetically, you won’t notice much new once iOS 9 is installed. It looks the same as iOS 8, albeit with a subtly prettier San Francisco font (as first seen on the Apple Watch) that replaces the traditional Helvetica seen on iOS devices.

Changes start to appear when you delve further into the OS. Notifications, for example, are now sorted chronologically, rather than being illogically grouped by app. As somebody who uses their iPhone a lot, this little change makes a big difference when it comes to catching up on missed emails and messages. I’m still disappointed that Notifications aren’t cleared when they are in apps, however, and Apple has yet to add an option to clear them all at once.

Multitasking has been given a makeover. A double-tap of the home button now shows your open apps in an elongated card view, not dissimilar to the multitasking view introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop. This means you can better see what’s going on before choosing to jump into an app.

Another new feature makes it easier to switch back to a previous app, thanks to a small button that appears at the top left of the display.


Siri has many more strings to its bow in iOS 9. Sliding to the left-most menu reveals a list of ‘Siri Suggestions’ filled with your most recent contacts and apps, and headlines Siri thinks you might want to read. At the time of writing, Siri is recommending I read an article about Tony Abbott – so I think it still may need a little work.

That being said, it’s perhaps more intelligent than it gets credit for. Siri doesn’t just know that you’re a fan of Kingdom Rush and that it will be your go-to app. It registers your habits, learning, for example, that you call your mum every Saturday at 1pm, or that you check your emails every morning while commuting. One of our favourite features of iOS 9 is that plugging in headphones automatically fires up your music app of choice, be it Apple Music or Spotify.


Typically, Apple has given some of its own apps a lick of fresh paint in iOS 9. First up, Mail. If you get a phone call from an unknown number and that phone number is in your email, it will tell you who the call might be from. What’s more, if you use Apple’s Calendar app (I don’t), events will show up automatically.

Notes has been given a long-overdue overhaul as Apple sets its sights on the likes of Evernote. The app now supports formatting, photo insertion and handwriting, and you can switch between typing and drawing in seconds. It’s still no real contender for Evernote, but iCloud syncing.

Apple Maps has been given a major revamp in iOS 9. It’s now better at recommending local businesses, such as nearby restaurants, and has added public transport directions for a number of major cities.

Performance, battery life and security

Apple promises better battery life with iOS 9 but I haven’t noticed much of a difference. However, there is a new Low Power Mode which, until installing iOS 9, I didn’t realise how much I needed. Now, once you see the ‘red bar of death’, as I like to call it, switching on Low Power Mode provides enough juice for another three hours by turning off push notifications, dimming the screen and lessening the power used by the processor.

Apple has made some enhancements to the overall security credentials of iOS, adding a new six-digit passcode option and improved two-factor authentication.

In short

Truth is, most people upgrading to iOS 9 probably won’t notice much of a difference. But the small changes – be it the new font, improved Notifications or a battery-saving mode – will make a huge difference to many.

Is it worth upgrading? Yes. It’s by no means Apple’s most exciting iOS release, but it has given the overall usability of our iPhone 6 handset a much needed boost. Of course, those with an older device such as an iPhone 5 or iPad 2 may want to exercise more caution, but for those with a newer Apple device, there’s no question.

The good

Better multitasking, Siri improvements, Low Power mode, improved security, overall usability improvements, no major glitches.

The bad

Apple Maps still isn’t great, no option to clear all Notifications.

The ugly


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